Today’s 10 DIY (and thrifty!) Mother’s Days present ideas is inspired by a question from Eve on the Mums’ Days Facebook wall, which went like this:

“Hi, can you suggest any handmade gifts for Mother’s Day or do a post asking for ideas? Money is very tight atm and there are two Grandmothers and three Great-Grandmothers to get gifts for, so the cheaper the ideas the better! xx”

I think we can all relate to that, so here I give you my top 10 thrifty DIY Mother’s Day Presents! {The links take you back to the original post and image sources.}

10 DIY Mother’s Day Presents

1. Painted plant pot

I just love this – so cute and something that should (touch wood) last a while longer than some cut flowers!

10 Thrift DIY Mother's Day presents

2. Can Planters

Can, check. Paint, check. So easy but I think they look adorable and you can pick little pots of flowers so cheaply these days.

10 Thrift DIY Mother's Day presents

3. Breakfast in Bed

If you’re with your mum on Mother’s Day, this is a winner! And the link above takes you to the original post which includes a free printable of this lovely little banner. You just need some selotape and some cocktail sticks! Oh and here’s a really easy pancake recipe.

10 Thrift DIY Mother's Day presents

4. Make a cake

Yes this is more of an Easter theme but you could hide some other sweeties or your mum’s favourite goodies in there and decorate with some fresh flowers or strawberries instead!

10 Thrift DIY Mother's Day presents

5. DIY spa

There are no end of posts online for different scrubs and DIY home spa stuff, but I love this one for a Layered Citrus Scrub – all you need are oranges, lemons and sugar – so easy!!!

6. Handprint Vase

Little hands are perfect for this and it’s a lovely way to get your kids involved in making the present.

10 Thrift DIY Mother's Day presents

7. Cookie basket

Yes, you have to make the cookies too (in theory!) – but this is so simple but so lovely. I’d definitely be happy to get this!

10 Thrift DIY Mother's Day presents

8. Toilet tube vase!

It didn’t start out as something glamorous but with a little help from your kids, this would make a lovely present for Grandma (maybe with some chocolates too!).

10 Thrift DIY Mother's Day presents

9. Frame some of your kids art

I really want to do this in Reuben’s room but it would also make a lovely gift for Grandma!

10. Make a card

Kind of obvious but there’s a lot you can do with a simple kids handprint and some pictures of flowers – and it’s thought that counts after all.

Take a peak at my Mother’s Day Pinterest Board for some home made card inspiration and for other Mother’s Day ideas!

 What are you giving your Mum for Mother’s Day this year?