Well, I mentioned last week that it was all about to change and now it has.

I had my first proper day at work today, I’ve had to start wearing my jeans with the button undone, I’m pretty sure I’ve felt a few kicks, and in addition home life is a bit up in the air too as we have Gabriella’s teenage sister staying with us at the moment. It’s amusing that Mike would choose this morning to then announce that he wants to move house!

Work was OK but I’m feeling really slow – proper baby head going on. I had to go on a health and safety tour today and apparently my building is the most dangerous in the university but when he was telling me about the hazardous chemicals and the petrol engine labs that could go up in a puff of smoke, I kept finding my mind wandering off thinking about baby things. When am I going to start showing, what happens if I poke my belly (does it squish/harm the baby?), should I have a home birth, etc. So, focus for the next few days is work not baby!

In the meantime, on the pregnancy week by week front things are definitely starting to change in a noticeable way now I’m 17 weeks pregnant. Apparently baby bean has doubled in size in the last 2 weeks and is now the size of a baked potato, which explains the fact my jeans won’t fit anymore. My bump is still not obvious though, I just look like I’ve eaten a few too many baked potatoes.

Askamum.co.uk say the following in week 17:

How to get your baby moving at 17 weeks pregnant

No action down below yet? Encourage your baby to shake a leg by lying down for a while (give your stomach a few prods if nothing happens).

The advice for week 17 on 3d pregnancy connect is to start getting the nursery ready – but with all the changes afoot, a nursery in the last thing on my mind, which I’m a bit gutted about but since my bump seems to be a slow grower I think I’ve got a few weeks grace – plus, once I’ve settled in at work, I’m sure I’ll be spending my lunch times hunting for interior decorating ideas and non-toxic paint. Whether it’s in our house or another one remains to be seen.