I think I’m losing the plot! I arrived in Olney yesterday to visit my best friend, Alex, and her boyfriend in their new, lovely house, and yet I have zero crack.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve just waved Mike off for his 2 week ‘work trip’ (he keeps accidentally referring to it as a holiday!) to Sri Lanka, you know the place with tsunamis, earth quakes, civil unrest, and food that could give you the shits? Or if it’s because I’m going to be living out of a suitcase for the next 2 weeks bunking at my parents, or if it’s the state of the house and the fact that when we get back there’s still 2 more weeks of living out of 3 of our 8 rooms (kitchen, bathroom, spare room). Equally it could be my self imposed deadline for a first draft of my work’s report, which now feels very unattainable because my head refuses to do any thinking.

Or it could be that I’ve just turned 34 weeks pregnant and I’ve literally no idea what I need to prepare, never mind prepared it, in time for the arrival of my first baby due in SIX WEEKS! I haven’t even got my perineum oil so I can start my massages – oh whoa is me!

I should of course just chill the hell out and accept things as and when they need to happen. Not likely. Despite pregnancy generally being alright for me physically, the thing I can’t do is switch my irrational head off.

My skill during pregnancy seems to be writing lists, and then writing lists of those lists so I can keep track. What I’m not so good at is actually ticking anything off the lists and because I lose the lists, I then get to procrastinate some more by re-writing my original lists.

I think I shall just have to write a list of good conversation topics and if I meet you tomorrow at the, apparently famous, Cherry Festival in Olney, I apologise in advance. I’m honestly not a pleb it’s just my pregnancy head…