It’s 4:30am and I’m 41 weeks pregnant. Reuben came at 40+3 so I honestly thought this one would be quicker. I thought due date or sooner as I was feeling ready around then…but as the week’s gone on I’ve been feeling less pregnant.

How is that even possible?! I’m able to walk father and less awkwardly, and the twinges and Braxton Hicks I was feeling a few weeks ago seem to have stopped. I’m also sleeping much better (this morning excused). What is going on?!

41 weeks pregnant

In hindsight, I’ve no idea why I thought this baby would be ‘on time’, and despite doing all the hypnobirthing and positive birthing affirmations, and understanding the science behind it (i.e. a baby can come any time from 37-42 weeks so don’t get hung up on this arbitrary guess at a date you’re baby might come out), I’ve been finding it hard not to freak out.

I feel like it’s my fault. We’ve so much going on at the moment (doing the house up being the biggie because it’s such a noisy mess but also me launching a new business 4 weeks ago with a friend and getting everything ready to roll out in December has been fun but quite stressful too!) that I realise I’m not relaxing enough. But you try and relax in a house full of builders who all seem to sing loudly…to different radio stations!

I’ve also been on high alert for any movement changes – “it’s not moving when it normally does” and “now it’s moving too much” – so yesterday, after worrying myself and Mike about baby movements, we spent the day (10:30 – 3) at hospital to monitor baby. All was ok and then have a sweep. This time she was able to perform the sweep (the midwife at the weekend couldn’t do it as my cervix was no way ready) but it really upset baby and I had to spend another hour on the monitor while its heart rate settled.

Having quite a bit of time to think in hospital yesterday, I think going over, in addition to all the added events in our lives (we currently have no heating BTW because our boiler broke last week – it should be back on by the end of the day!), has made me paranoid that baby won’t come on its own.

Did I mention the coil?

3 weeks prior to finding out I was pregnant, I had had an operation (a laparoscopy, read about it here) to remove my coil, which had perforated my womb and gone for its Jollies around my pelvis. The fertilised egg was literally traveling down my tube during the operation and because there was no hormones from the coil to stop it, it dropped anchor when it reached my womb. Pretty amazing right?

But this also put me on the consultants discussion list because a) I’d got pregnant so soon after the op and b) I have a perforated uterus.

So, fairly early on I was told my uterus could rupture towards the end of my pregnancy and it could be a problem during labour in particularly, so I might consider a c-section. An hour of waiting later, I was then told it’ll all be fine, it ‘probably’ healed ages ago, on you go.

Oh but if you do want a c-section, just come back.

Gah, high alerts!

My midwife was really reassuring and for a while (back when we foolishly thought the house would be finished), I was planning a home birth…but you know when you have that niggle in the back of your mind?

What if?

And the longer this goes on, the more pressure I have on my hole-y uterus…! And I still have to give birth. Maybe I should I have just gone for the c-section?!

41 weeks AND relax!

Let’s say being 41 weeks is a tense time. If all else fails to get labour started naturally, I’m booked for an induction on Saturday so soon enough I’ll be cuddling my baby.

I’ll been really enjoying chatting with you all on Facebook this week, so thank you for your reassurance and ideas – because while baby might be late at least it’s given me time to pack my hospital bag!

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One final thing…

After all the fun of hospital yesterday and my sweep, we then hot footed it back across town to grab Reuben and queued for an hour to meet David Walliams!

41 weeks pregnant - David Walliams

Right, back to bed for me!