I’ve always been in the camp where the best supplements should come from our food rather than taking vitamin tables. In fact, when I was pregnant I blogged quite a bit about what to eat to ensure you get all the vitamins and minerals vital for pregnancy, even for avoiding stretch marks!

These days I’m still the same but provided the source is good quality, I’ve found it can definitely help to have some extra supplements in your diet.

5 best supplements for better health

There are certain things I try to introduce into my diet every day, some of which are supplements, and I thought I’d talk you through some of my 5 favourites…

5 Best Supplements for better health

1. Chia seeds – a rich source of omega 3, these teeny tiny seeds are pretty awesome and have become a bit of a foodie superhero. They go a bit weird if they are left too long in say a smoothie but I put this on most things, salad, yogurt, porridge, etc. and add them to any baking I do, especially for Reuben, such as these easy pancakes or banana cupcakes.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar – it tastes pretty grim but there are so many health benefits to this from reducing yeast infections to aiding weight loss. I first came across it in this fab post from Happy Healthy Mumma and since then I try to have a tablespoon in water every morning!

3. Kira Hormonal Balance – Since having Reuben my PMT (which I wrote about here!) and general mood at certain times of the month can literally go through the floor. I’ve been trialling this hormonal balance daily tablet from Kira, and I’ve found that it has really helped to get a bit of mood balancer and so far I’ve been less crazy at that time of the month!

4. Nuts – great for your skin, great for your health and great if you’re trying to lose a couple of pounds! I try to have a handful a day as a snack but I might also add some to yogurt or porridge.

5. Protein Shake – this is particularly synthetic…but I find it really curbs my sweet tooth after dinner. Half a scoop of chocolate protein shake added to some whole natural or greek yogurt is really delicious!

What have you found to be the best supplements for your diet and health?

I’d love to hear what you like to take or eat on a daily basis and why! Feel free to comment below or tweet me @mumsdays, using the hashtag #MDFitClub

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