Nancy is 5 months old today! Time seems to have done a number on me and this month it has felt quite a bit longer…but then this month she has apparently been starving and woken 3, 4 or more times a night to manically feed. Every night. So I guess I’ve seen a lot more of this month than I did the one before.


5 months old – development

But all that night feeding has meant she has chubbed up nicely and her thigh rolls are coming along beautifully.

She’s also continuing to be an utter joy – all smiles for anyone who will look at her and content sitting and looking around her when she’s awake.

5 months old

With me doing Bootcamp 3 mornings a week, she’s been having lots of Dad time and as a result is now great with a bottle of expressed milk and has learnt to self-settle at nap times. So while I’ve lost a good nights sleep, I’ve gained non-baby time during the day… noice!

Her latest trick this month (other than self-settling) is holding and shaking whatever is in her hand with a “This thing ain’t gunna shake itself” look of concentration, whacking herself in the face if necessary.

If you lie her down, she is permanently straining to sit up so she’s developing rock hard abs that I’m very jealous of…

She can also very nearly sit unaided!

Oh and she now can’t breast feed if there is anyone else in the room – she’ll latch on then immediately pull off again to see what’s going on spraying milk and exposing me in the process. Fun times.

5 months old – next steps

At a recent check my health visitor said she could start weaning at 5 months – smooth purees, baby rice, that kind of thing. She said speech therapists are always telling her to advise us to start sooner as it helps to develop vital muscles in the mouth. That said, in the neighbouring district the health visitor has advised my friend strictly not to start until 6 months… Eh?!

When did you start weaning?

With all this night feeding, I must say I’m tempted to start introducing more food in the hope of filling her up but I also don’t want to do it wrong!