On Wednesday, 1st August at 8pm it’ll be the 2nd Mums’ Days Fit Club Facebook Party! I’ll be hosting the party over on the Mums’ Days Facebook Page to see how you’ve been getting on with your goals for health and fitness. It’ll be about accountability, support and just a bit of a chin wag really!

Accountability? Are you reaching your goals? Find out how to and join the next Mums' Days Fit Club Facebook Party

I hope you can come! I will also be giving away another load of gorgeous Protest sets for all those who click “Going” on the facebook event page. If you’d like a refresher of what everyone’s goals were at the last party, click here to see the conversations.

The Power of Accountability

Each week as I’m preparing for the next Mums’ Days Fit Club post, relevant research has sort of come to me as I’m reading books and listening to podcasts… We’ve covered Goal Setting and Getting Started, What to Eat to Feel Great, 15 Minute Full Body Workout Blast and Motivation.

This week I’ve been hearing loads about Accountability and how important it is for reaching your goals, be they work related, health, fitness or anything else. So I’ve taken it as a sign to take action!

The good thing too is that it links directly to the Party on Wednesday.

When I was planning the MDFitClub back in May I had always thought the first party would be about goal setting and getting started and the next would be about checking in – seeing how we’re getting on with our goals. Accountability!

From my perspective I’m doing OK. Not amazing but not terrible either…! I’ve fallen into the trap of being really good all week, doing my exercise (and loving it), eating well, getting to bed on time…but come the weekend I fall foul of food and fun times. I feel I’ve deserved a treat but the treats last from Friday night to Sunday night. Not ideal if you’re trying to lose 10lbs.

There is something missing from my Grand Plan and from what I’ve heard from a number of sources this week (here and here) it is accountability:

  • Stating your goal, planning how you are going to get there and regularly checking in with your goals makes you 39.5% more likely to succeed…
  • However, add to the mix a group of friends or even just one buddy, regularly reporting in with them makes you 76.7%* more likely to succeed!

If that’s not reason enough to come to the Party on Wednesday, I don’t know what is?!

*Dr Gail Matthews’ research

Accountability – MDFitClub Buddy

So, I’ve had the seed of an idea planted in my brain all week of expanding the MDFitClub so that we can make sure we’re in the 76.7% club and succeed in our goals!

My idea is that for the next 5 weeks we each buddy up with someone. They will be your accountability buddy!

  • Like a pen friend, you each report in with your goal and plan, and your specific plan for the week. Then on, say, a Sunday evening report back on how you’ve done that week and your plan for the next week!
  • If there are particular problems you’re having you can help each other trouble shoot. So for me I’d need a very specific plan of action to avoid the “weekend food and fun” trap but not feel deprived!

What do you think? Are you in? Drop me an email at Hannah@mumsdays.com subject “MDFitClub Buddy”, and let me know what your goal is and your thoughts on accountability.

If I have enough people (i.e. 2) who want to do it, I’ll hook you up and you can get your accountability on! Any less that 2, then you are basically going to be my MDFitClub buddy. Haha!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on accountability and reaching your goals! Either comment below, join in the conversation on the Mums’ Days Facebook Page or tweet me @mumsdays with the hashtag #MDFitClub or #MDFitClubBuddy.

Mums' Days Fit Club and Accountability