When I put out a call for your birth story, I wasn’t expecting such a response and I am honoured to be able to share them on the Mum’s Days blog from water births to inductions to c-secitons to Dad’s perspective, they’re all here! I’ve already shared Jade’s childbirth story as it was Millie’s Birthday on Wednesday so it seemed fitting to share it then.

Soon after I got a message from Alison saying…

“Hi I’ve just had my second baby and I thought I’d share my birth story.”

Alison only had Skye Teigan 3 weeks ago today, and she has such a positive birth story to share, so I hope it helps you soon-to-be mums stay positive (thinking of you Roxanne!).

When Inductions Go Right!

Alison’s Birth Story – Skye Teigan, born 6th October 2013

I had to have an induction at 37+3 as the baby was on the small side and the doctors were worried that the placenta had stopped working properly.

I went in for an induction on the Friday at 8:30am. We got started with the gel insert and I was attached to the monitoring machine for an hour to check it hadn’t upset baby. Then I had to go for a walk to try and get things started. I was checked after 6 hours with no change so they inserted another induction gel. Same again – after 6 hours nothing! They left me overnight so I could get some sleep.

The next day the same process started again. I had three rounds of induction gel on the Saturday. It did bring on some pains but not much and no real pain. They gave me sleeping tablets so I got a good nights sleep. On the Sunday I was at 2cm so I was taken to the labour suite and had my waters broken at 10am.

The pains started getting regular and stronger after that. After around an hour I was on gas and air. I’m not going to lie, contractions after having your waters broken hurt! The water seemed to act as a cushion and dull the pain.

I was checked after 2 hours and I was at 4cm. The pains kept getting stronger and lasting longer, and I was focusing on breathing and not answering questions at this point! I kept thinking I needed to push so they checked me again at just after 2pm and I was at 6cm. They helped me to roll onto my left side and then everything happened very fast.

The midwife said she was going to check me again as I needed to push and couldn’t stop. As she opened my legs the baby was crowning. This was 2 mins after being 6cm! 4 pushes later and she was out. She came out in one big push, in a wave, and coved the midwife in fluid.

She was born 4 hours and 6 mins after they broke my waters.

5lb 3.5oz of goodness. Perfectly healthy just small.

Induction - Skye's Birth Story

I just want everyone to know inductions can be positive and enjoyable experiences and not to be scared of them!

Thank you for your Induction Story, Alison!

I love this, short but sweet (and small!). She’s just lovely, thank you for sharing your induction story and congratulations on your lovely little bundle (who I hope is doing lots of sleeping for you!). Happy 3 week Birthday Skye! xxxx