Best Apps parents can love

You know how everyone always says ‘there’s an app for that’? Well this is entirely true and the best apps are great… but I have a sneaky feeling that half the apps out there actually don’t make your life easier. I have always struggled with efficiency and organising myself. Add in 2 little people, a husband, a house, extended family and my blog, and this statement has never been truer!

best apps

My brain had too many tabs open by A Pair of Pears

I have a love/hate relationship with technology. It can be the coolest thing ever OR it can completely confuse me. After reading Crafty Current’s love for the Filofax, the first thing I did this year to ease my addled brain, was take my calendar offline and I went old skool with this beautiful filofax come clutch purse! I love it and I feel a lot more in control of what’s going on week to week, and I’m so happy to have my calendar and to do list in one place.

However, I know that the best apps can genuinely help us to make our busy lives, as parents, easier and I want to explore them a bit more this month with a series on “Appy Parenting” – see what I did there?! – to find these illusive best apps.

From apps to control the temperature of your house, to how to manage your burgeoning stockpile of photos, I’m going all out appy clappy on you. I’m even doing a guest post of the best apps for Toddlers on Britmums this month!

So, if you have an app that you couldn’t do without, I would love to hear from you! Whether it helps you organise your cleaning schedule or makes sure you never forget a precious moment…

Please do leave your best apps suggestions in the comments below!