The love of my life, the apple of my eye, the thing I couldn’t live without…in the food world…is the avocado. I spread it, chop it, smash it, blend it, eat it straight from the shell. I think it’s totally awesome and try to incorporate it into most meals. So to celebrate the fact that the hass variety is currently in peak season, I thought I’d share some yummy avocado recipes so you can get a bit more green, creamy avocado love into your life, should you wish!

Avocado recipes - 3 ways to have more of the creamy green goodness!

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Avocado recipes

1. Green juice 

My all time favourite juice recipe is as follows – REMEMBER do not juice the avocado!

  • Juice 1/4 pineapple, 2 apples, handful spinach, 1/4 cucumber and 1 stick celery
  • put the juice in a blender (or use a stick blender), add the avocado and ice, and blend until smooth!

Creamy, delicious juicey goodness.

2. Guacamole 

I don’t actually like too much stuff in my Guacamole, it’s all about the avocado so I like to keep it simple…

  • 1 avocado roughly chopped, 1/2 spring onion finely chopped, salt & pepper, chilli (as much as you’d like), a glug of olive oil and a squeeze of lime
  • mix it all together and do a bit of smushing, voila!

I use this on toast, with eggs, steak, fajitas (Crab and Avocado tostadas sounds amazing), or in a sandwich with bacon or prawns.

3. Sliced

I love avocado just as it comes. Serve it up with scrambled eggs and salmon for breakfast or in a salad with chicken for lunch or mixed in with lentils as a side for a fish dish.


The only other thing to note when buying your avocado’s is where they’re from…Apparently the mexican avocado is in the middle of a violent gang war.

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