Lindsey, from Newcastle Family Life, has shared with us her birth story for her second baby. Apparently it was an awful pregnancy! I find it so strange that some pregnancies are fine and other are just the pits. I have heard (in fact told “you’ll know this of course what with all your research” – er, no.) that an awful pregnancy, with the predominant awfulness being sickness, is down to the baby having a different blood group to the mother…I’ve not checked but if that’s true, there’s not a lot we can do about it. The next awful pregnancy could be any of us! But it’s all worth it in the end and soon forgotten, right?! If Lindsey is anything to go by, it definitely is.

Awful pregnancy! Lindsey’s birth story

Awful pregnancy doesn't mean they all will be. Here is Lindsey's 2nd birth story (spoiler - it's didn't put her off!)

Sophia’s first photo

My second pregnancy was awful! I was sick every day from the moment I conceived until the day I give birth. I also suffered from sciatica and pelvic pain, which was so painful that it made walking impossible. I had to have weekly physio and was signed off work on early maternity leave at 25 weeks pregnant. I also ended up in agony in hospital for a week at 32 weeks pregnant with gallstones and spent the last 8 weeks of my pregnany barely able to eat anything, so much for eating for two!

I was fed up and was counting down the days until my due date. And, of course, my due date came and went without even a hint of a braxton hick. When I was 40 +3 days pregnant my midwife offered me a membrane sweep to try and kick start labour. I agreed as I had tried everything to bring on labour and nothing at all worked. So I had a sweep (it hurts) and I was half expecting my waters to break or contractions to start but nothing at all happened. I was so disapointed and frustrated. The next night I went to bed to watch a sad film and had a good cry and resigned myself to the fact that I would be getting induced again at 2 week’s past my due date – I had been induced at 8 days overdue in my first pregnany due to pre-eclampsia.

As I was lying in bed that night I started to get contractions. As soon as they started I knew what they were. Even though they were not painful I started timing them on an app on my phone. They were coming every 10 minutes and lasting about 30 seconds. I tried to get some sleep but I was far too excited thinking I was fianlly going to meet my baby and this awful pregnancy was going to be over! So I stayed awake timing my contractions. They started getting closer together but were still only lasting about 30 seconds. While they were uncomfortable, they weren’t painful so I knew I still had a while to go before going to hospital.

By morning my contractions had disapeared completely! I was devastated and thought my body was playing a cruel trick on me. I went back to sleep only to be woken up a few hours later with stronger contractions. I was getting contractions all day but they were not regular so I spent the day bouncing on my birth ball trying to hurry baby along. By tea time the contractions were getting stronger and closer together so we rang the hospital and they said to come in to get checked out and see what was going on.

The minute we stepped into the hospital my contractions stopped again! I felt like such a idiot. I was examined and told I was only 3cm dilated so we should go home and not come back untill the following day when my contractions were stronger and closer together. I was exhasted by now as I’d been having contractions on and off for over 24 hours. We went home and the moment I got into bed my contractions started again and this time they were extremely painful. I woke the other half up and said we need to go back to hospital and he shouted at me to go back to sleep as the hospital had said not to go back until the following day – charming!

I went downstairs and ran a bath to see if that would help with the pain but the contractions were getting stronger and were coming every 3 minutes. I knew it was time to go into hospital. We had to wait for the other half’s mum to arrive to watch my oldest daughter and I could not get comfortable as the contractions were coming fast by now. We arrived at hospital at around 4am, I was examined and told I was 3 1/2cm. We could make our way to the delivery suite.

I was shown to the delivery room and as my blood pressure was high, I was hooked up to a monitor to check baby’s heartbeat. A doctor was called to check me and baby over, they took some blood due to my high blood pressure, and give me some blood pressure medication. I was also  given some gas and air, which I love, that took the edge of the pain.

The next few hours flew by and at 7am I was examined again. I was only 4cm! The contractions were getting stronger by now so I asked for some diamorphine to help with the pain. It was also time for the midwives to change shift and I got a lovely student midwife. I would definitely recomend having a student midwife in labour, they are brilliant and explain everything. Plus it’s nice to have a extra midwife looking after you.

I was still hooked up to the heart trace monitor as baby was sleepy and they wanted to monitor her. They hooked me up to a drip of fluids to try and wake baby up and they propped me up so I was lying on my left hand side. That is so uncomfortable when you are in labour! They said they would leave me an hour or two to see how things went and if baby was still sleepy they would have to speed labour up a bit.

I was examined again at 10am and was still only 4cm so it was agreed my waters would be broken, which didn’t hurt at all. They also decided that baby was too sleepy and they wanted to monitor her heart rate better. They attached a clip to her scalp to monitor her heart rate and, oh my gosh, that was so painful. It was the worst part of labour! After that I was begging for more pain relief as the contractions were getting stronger. Finally at about 11am they give me more diamorphine.

I suddenly got the urge to push. I was examined and told I still wasn’t fully dilated and that baby’s head had not even dropped down yet but I needed to push. I was pushing but nothing was happening and I remeber having a bit of a wobble saying I couldnt do it and I just wanted the baby out. The midwife explained it was the transition stage and that baby was on her way. They started setting up the room ready for her birth.

I was examined again and told I was fully dilated and baby had dropped down. I was told to push to see if she had any hair. So I pushed! And, the next thing I know there was a baby on my chest and the other half was saying, “Look, there is our daughter.”

I couldnt believe it! She had came out in one go. She wasn’t crying and she was purple so I panicked and asked, “What’s wrong with her? She’s not crying.” They said she was fine it was just because she was born so quickly. She was just busy looking around and then had a wee and poo all over me…

Finally, 6 days overdue on 25 May 2013, after almost 40 hours of labour, Sophia Ella was born at 11.48am, weighing 8lb 2oz. After some cuddles Sophia was given to her Daddy, while I delivered the placenta, which was super quick and easy. Then I was checked over and told everything was fine. Yay! No stitches! I could have a shower while Daddy dressed Sophia and gave her a bottle. An hour later her older sister arrived at hospital to meet her and we became a proper little family of four.

One awful pregnancy doesn't mean they all will be. Here is Lindsey's 2nd birth story (spoiler - it's didn't put her off!)

Sophia on her 1st Birthday

I cant believe that was just over a year ago. And, in just over two months time, Sophia will become a big sister at 15 months old when I have to go through labour all over again to have baby number three. I must be crazy!

This pregnancy has been amazing, I have sailed through without even feeling pregnant apart from the bump and kicks of course!

See it’s not all bad! And an awful pregnancy is soon forgotten when that little baby is in your arms. Thank you so much for sharing Lindsey, I look forward to hearing story number 3!

Did you have an awful pregnancy? Has it put you off having anymore? Or did you dive straight back in too?

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