My lovely friend, Katy from What Katy Said, has shared her two baby birth stories. The first part is what I would personally hope for next time; fairly quick and event free. 3 puffs of gas and air and voila, here’s a baby! I’m sure Katy doesn’t quite remember it like that…but in comparison with her second baby birth, by Katy’s own admission this was an easy one! Enjoy…

Baby Birth Part 1 – Katy’s fast first baby

My due date was the Saturday 1st October 2011 but because so many people told me that 1st time pregnancies go overdue I really didn’t expect to be seeing my baby any time soon.

In the early hours of Thursday 29th September I woke up with pains, just mild cramping really. I kept quiet for a while not wanting to build my hopes up but after an hour or two I woke up Mr F. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was meant to be feeling so got him to feel my tummy. He was pretty sure that it was tensing up so we started to time them.

Baby Birth part 1 - Katy's first baby arrived quickly, surprising even the mid-wives! Click here for part 1 of Katy's Baby Birth Story:

Every 40 minutes another contraction would start, lasting for a 30 seconds or so. This went on until 9am when everything stopped. A false alarm. Great. I got on with my day (lazing on the sofa watching films on 5).

In the early hours of Friday morning it all started again, exactly the same pattern. I didn’t want to get my hopes up so just got on with my day. At 9am I had an appointment at the hospital to check my blood pressure and test my urine as it had trace amounts of protein at my last midwife appointment. The contractions were about half an hour apart at this stage and pretty intense.

The doctor asked how I was and I said ‘I think I am in labour’. She laughed and said ‘you would know if you were in labour’. I figured she must know what she was talking about and brushed it off as another false alarm.

Mr F took me home and then went off to work as normal. The contractions stayed about half an hour apart but continued to increase in intensity. I sat bouncing on my ball while watching films. By 2 o’clock I couldn’t take much more so took myself off for a bath.

I stayed in the bath all afternoon- I was one wrinkled prune, I can tell you. It seems a long time to be sitting in the bath but when you are working in 20 minute intervals it actually goes quite quickly.

Mr F arrived home at 5pm and the contractions were 6 minutes apart and strong. We had been told that it was important to keep eating throughout so we decided to have fish and chips (me still in the bath by the way!). He took exactly 12 minutes to rush to the end of the road and back again. I only had to deal with one contraction on my own in that time. I found pouring boiling hot water over my stomach really helped get through the pain.

At 7.30pm the contractions were lasting a minute and were 5 minutes apart. I rang the maternity ward and because I was able to talk all the way through them they told me to wait until 4 minutes apart. 4 minutes apart!! Were they crazy??

As a first time mum I did as I was told- looking back on it I should have told them to shove it and I was heading in! But that is a lesson learnt!

At 4 minutes apart I rang again (this was about 10 minutes later). I was still able to talk through them but I pretended I couldn’t. I took fake breaks in speech and feigned heavy breathing. How wasn’t I doing real heavy breathing for goodness sake?!

So off we drove to the hospital, quite calm and collected. Mr F even parked the car while I sat in the reception area. We calmly walked up to corridor and pressed the buzzer. ‘Sorry we have no room, we tried to call you’.

Are you kidding me???!!! With the timings there was no way I could relocate so I was going to have to share a midwife for the evening. Great.

We were left on our own for an hour. I was stood, fully clothed, with no gas and air. Still timing the contractions at 2 mins apart (as if they still needed timing!!) After the hour I was like a raving lunatic and demanded Mr F went to fetch someone.

A midwife came in and set me up with gas and air, I took 3 puffs and was sick. That was the end of that.

Soon after my midwife came in and asked me to go to the loo before she examined me. Well, what I found in my pants was very unpleasant. My plug. Totally gross.

She examined me and I was 10cm dilated. She was shocked I could tell, to be honest so was I!! I was expecting a 15 hour labour – in hospital. But here we were about to give birth.

At 9.30pm I began to push. I think my body had become so accustomed to the pain throughout the day it was ready for that final bit. The head coming out did sting to hell but overall, considering I had no pain relief it wasn’t too bad.

(If you are hating me right now don’t worry, my second labour hurt like hell!!)

Baby Birth part 1 - Katy's first baby arrived quickly, surprising even the mid-wives! Click here for part 1 of Katy's Baby Birth Story:

At 9.50pm on Friday 30th September 2011 my beautiful baby girl arrived. Weighing a tiny 6lbs 11oz. I was totally in love.

The worst bit about it all was having to stay over night on the ward. Mr F was sent home as it was so late and I was left alone. I asked the midwife what I was meant to do. ‘Go to sleep’ she said- as if I was able to go to sleep after such an event!! I laid awake the whole night, wishing it to be morning.

Baby Birth part 1 - Katy's first baby arrived quickly, surprising even the mid-wives! Click here for part 1 of Katy's Baby Birth Story:

As soon as 8am came around Mr F came to rescue me. This is one of my favourite photos. He was totally in love. He was amazing throughout the whole labour and is an amazing dad. I love my little family.

Thank you Katy!

What a pain threshold! I’m looking forward to part 2!!

Did you surprise the midwives?! How does your story differ to Katy’s 1st Baby Birth Story?