I, like so many of my peers, went to Britmums Live. What an event! So many clever women (and a few men), nearly all of them mothers, some of them with the evidence of the latter in their arms, all being clever together in one place.

What is Baby Brain? Are we doing ourselves a disservice by using it as an excuse?!

I’ve been thinking ever since about baby brain and about what brands really think when they hear the word ‘mummy blogger’ or ‘mother’. There appear to be connotations with those words. Even more so if you chose to be at home with your kids, talk about baby brain overload, right? You must, therefore, not be ambitious or interested in anything other than your kids. Brands must be so confused when the entre a room full of bloggers. Many of them are at home, or working full time, all whilst being mothers, totally going against the stereotype. But guess what? So are the people who read my blog.

If I’m honest I hadn’t even thought about this stereotype before the conference. I knew what I was interested in (lots of stuff and collaborating with brands on challenging and exciting projects) and as I regularly host a Q&A on the Mums’ Days facebook wall, I feel like I know what my readers are interested in too. And, it’s not just nappies, either! (In fact, I’ve never done a nappy review – except for a friend with a real nappy company – but this definitely fell under the “challenging collaboration” banner!). An overwhelming number of questions on the wall are about our kids and I can see that mothers worry ALL THE TIME.

Which brings me back to baby brain (I will get there!) because I think I’ve worked out what it is…when you forget to buy the bread or put the bins out or pay for your car (*ahem*, or is that just me? That’s blog brain though, not baby brain!), it’s not because we’ve momentarily become stupid, requiring other people to patronise us, it’s because we’ve suddenly become driven by instincts. If the Mums’ Days wall is anything to go on, we are entirely consumed with looking after this little life, or lives, that we couldn’t properly prepare ourselves for. Simple things like getting bread become just that, simple things! It’s not as important. So I think we do ourselves a bit of a disservice when we use the excuse ‘baby brain’ – it makes it sound like our heads are empty, when in fact they have never been fuller!

Equally, I don’t think baby brain lasts all too long. Once I started to settle into motherhood and get a feel for what I was doing, my brain almost felt bigger! I was bursting at the seams to get some free time to write and explore and think and do something alongside nursing my beautiful baby. So I blogged. Some women go back to work, some explore other creative outlets. I was thinking about fashion, beauty, books, business, SEO, social media, food, drink, exercise… the list goes on. All alongside worrying about weaning, developmental milestones, and a whole host of fun things to do with my family and my new son.

I did a little bit of thinking about nappies but I’ll be honest, it wasn’t much beyond choosing the most eco-friendly brand in Sainsburys!

What is Baby Brain to you? Do you agree or have I got it aaaaaaall wrong?!

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