I’m not completely set on them but I’m a little closer to working out what my New Year’s Resolutions are…What?! I’m taking my time and making sure I get some good ones!

In the mean time I thought I’d fill you in on the baby sleep experiment… A few weeks ago I hunted out some “tips” for how to get your baby to sleep through the night. The main one that I pinned my hopes on was dream feeding. What a crock of shit that was! Seriously stupid idea. I did everything that was advised…pick him up carefully, don’t wake him, let him feed then put him down again. All fine except he then started to wake up earlier than when I was supposed to feed him. Then he started to wake up every 2 hours through the night! It was exhausting.

Mike and I had a date night away scheduled in for 27th December – meal, drinks in town, hotel, the works – and we nearly just went for the meal because I was so worried about him waking up and screaming my in-law’s house down because he wanted boob. When we turned up at the in-laws, however, there was no room in the Inn so it was either all go home or leave Reuben and have our night out after all. So, what actually happened was I cried, then we left and Reuben took a bottle before bed just fine and slept through until 3:30, had a bit more bottle and then finally woke at 7:30. What a tinker!

Thankfully that night away has broken his bad habit for multiple midnight snacks and proven that he doesn’t need it. The next night Mike put him to bed with a bottle and the same thing happened. When I put him to sleep, however, he woke at 10 again! Thankfully he resettled and I didn’t need to see to him until 4.

All in all, 1st new year’s resolution is to relax more when it comes to Reuben and, in the words of lovely Ellie in the comments, just accept that he’s going to wake up. I’m also going ignore the sleep tips! It’s part of my being thankful for what I have resolution…Any sleep is better than none and waking up once or twice in the night is definitely better than waking every 2 hours!! So, don’t mess with something as precious as sleep in the hunt for the illusive full night. If it does happen it’s luck as far as I can see.