We took Nancy swimming for the first time yesterday. It brought back so many memories of baby swimming with Reuben and our lovely mates! Here’s a video from waaaaay back…

Baby Swimming for the first time

Firstly, it was a last minute thing so we had to rush about Hexham looking for a swimming costume. In the end Tesco came up trumps. Although the smallest size they had was 9-12 months it was fine and it will do until she’s, well 12 months. Score!

baby swimming

Secondly, I didn’t want to go in. I totally get that my body is awesome and has done amazing things and continues to as I feed Nancy… buuuuuut, that doesn’t mean I want to squeeze said body into a cossie and parade around my local pool just yet.

In the end I did and it wasn’t so bad. My cossie wasn’t as tight as I feared and once I was in the water my boobs looked way better. Screw you gravity!

We live in the middle of nowhere so our local pool is in a hotel where a) there are seats around the outside and b) you don’t look like a weirdo if you take a white dressing gown – which I did.

baby swimming

Nancy loved swimming, which I wasn’t surprised about as she’s a big bath fan but its the getting out bit that’s always a struggle. Which is where the seats and dressing gown came into their own. After Nancy had been in for 25 mins she lost her sh*t the second we got out!

I popped on my dressing gown and sat by the edge of the pool feeding her while Mike and Reuben carried on playing. It worked out perfectly!

does your little one like swimming?

and how do you work the getting out routine to avoid any loosing of sh*t? I’m not sure I’ve be brave enough to take both kids on my own just yet for that reason! Do share your secrets below or over on the Mums’ Days Facebook Page or Instagram.