I started back at bootcamp yesterday morning and I am beat! I write this in a dark room at 8:30pm and I’m aching from head to toe (literally. I have a headache and a blister and every muscle in between hurts!) – the minute I finish this I’ll be going to sleep ready for tomorrow’s onslaught.

But I’m so happy to be doing it!

Back to bootcamp

Back at bootcamp

Yesterday morning I crept out of bed at 6am to make myself some breakfast and express some milk for when Nancy woke up (I’ve been stocking up on milk in the freezer just in case but I also need to express first thing if I don’t want them to explode during my workout)… I don’t find expressing to be anywhere near as effective as Nancy though so thankfully she woke 15 mins before I had to leave so I fed her. Then I was off leaving dad in charge.

Back to bootcamp

It was such a stunning morning and I thoroughly enjoyed the drive in; having some me time and listening to a podcast.

My group is huge, maybe 50 people and the workout itself was really tough. Lots of HIIT and Tabatha style things (squats/lunges/burpees all for 40 seconds on 20 seconds off) that lasted forever (or 45 minutes if you want specifics!).

It will get easier though!!

back to bootcamp – diet

To help us reach our 20lb target, they’ve also given us a diet plan. At first it seems a bit complex but actually so far so good.

Dippy eggs and asparagus soldiers this morning were a revelation!

Back to bootcamp

I think it’s going to really help to kick some bad habits, get me out of my cooking-the-same-thing rut and get me cooking and experimenting again. Fingers crossed for next week’s weigh-in.