Reuben is now 20 months old and I’m still learning things about myself post baby. Today I have reached the realisation that I am now spending almost 2 weeks a month, a month, feeling down in the dumps. Glum. Not totally myself. A little bit blues-y.

It’s not the kind of blues that is totally holding me back; I’m still able to get out of bed (although it’s taking longer), and go out and do things. It’s my head space that is the problem…talk about overdrive. I’m worrying about everything. Over analysing every conversation.

I can usually tell when it’s about to happen as I will cry when Reuben doesn’t eat his tea. Reuben never eats his tea. But when my 2 weeks are arriving, that’s when it gets to me. I imagine Reuben as a 30 year old who will only eat fish fingers (not that he’ll eat fish fingers now. If only!). My mind gets carried away with itself and that’s the kind of thing it comes up with but for all aspects of my life.

I also want to eat crap and not move too much. It’s like a mini-hybernation. Although over the course of a year, that amounts to half of the year so therefore it ain’t that mini after all!

After a conversation with my lovely mum today, it turns out that my suspicion is right: I have this to look forward to until the menopause.

However, before I crawl into a bath and then my bed in the hope that tomorrow will be better, my mum did say that the benefits of Evening Primrose Oil can have a really good effect on balancing the mood swings. I HOPE SHE’S RIGHT because the other option (get pregnant) is not overly tempting right now!

That said, I have had a less glum day with my mum and Reuben in the sunshine! She’s 53 tomorrow. Doesn’t she look amazing?! I really hope I have her genes!!

benefits of evening primrose oil

So I will give the benefits of evening primrose oil a whirl and hope for the best. Do you have any recommendations for managing the mood swings?

I’m linking this in with #allaboutyou as it really is, in fact it’s borderline TMI! But if you can’t ask on your blog where can you?

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