Well, I’ve gone and got myself a babymobile! Not be confused with the cute thing that plays music above the (not yet bought or assembled) cot, this is a luxurious family car that I’ve been asked to test drive for 5 weeks by Benfield Motor Group with my soon-to-be-bigger family!

It’s a Hyundai i30 and it has my blog details on it and everything! The only problem now is that I’ll have to stop driving like a crazed pregnant woman, lest I should start getting angry comments on my blog/twitter/facebook (and as a newly appointed ambassador for Benfield, they probably wouldn’t appreciate it either)…

The funny thing is that I was asked to do this with another blogger (the lovely Hannah Layford from Raspberry Kitch – read her post about the car) who got the cute little Kia to bomb around in as ‘the girl-about-town’ … 9 months ago I was the girl-about-town, now I am bonafide ‘mum-blogger’ with a family car and I’ll be taking my new baby on it’s first trip in this car hopefully in the next week or so!

With the oh so stylish Hannah from Raspberry Kitch I’m the chunk on the left! 

I’ve already managed to rack up quite a few miles already taking Gabby back up the coast to her mum’s in Alnwick and then down the coast to Whitley Bay to meet the NCT mum’s for Aqua Aerobics (which was hilarious and harder work than you think), and it is a smooth drive! Plus both Projects Fuel Fill Up and Meeting the Boot went quite nicely. I managed to get the fuel cap open with relatively little issue and put in the right fuel (Gabby kept asking me about the Basil, “Have you put the Basil in the car OK?” I later discovered she meant Diesel, hehee) – big tick as fuel filling up is often my nemesis. And, the boot… I must say I was dubious as this looks like quite a nippy little car and the buggy we’ve been given (a Silver Cross, no less) is massive! I’m confident but I might have to give it the proper buggy test drive tomorrow just to be sure.

Someone foolishly gave me the keys and we are ready for our roadtrip!

Gabriella enjoying the treat of sitting in the front

Along with all this I have finally defrosted the freezer today! The little things that make a pregnant woman happy. Although I wasn’t happy at the time as I really couldn’t be arsed and I had simultaneous heartburn and hunger pangs. I’m hoping to fill it up, now the drawers open and close like a dream, with lots of lovely things before the baby arrives. All we’ll have to do is open the freezer, pop something in the microwave and, Bob’s your uncle, healthy food (which has been sorely missed over the last week while there was a piano and sofa in the kitchen).

So, I’ll be test driving both the boot and my ability to handle a big shop in the next couple of days. However, as I’m 39 weeks pregnant (plus 5 days!) and, therefore, the car is currently a pre-babymobile, or labourmobile if you prefer, I probably won’t go too crazy with the journeys… I guess I should also probably sit on a towel or plastic bag, just in case I go over a speed bump too fast and my waters break! Having said that, we are off to my parents’ in Durham  tonight to see my brother, who lives in Japan, and boyfriend for the one evening they are up in the North East – so I shall be putting the i30 to the ultimate test. Can a giant space hopper fit in the back seat? To be continued…


To follow my exploits with my Benfield Babymobile (to include exciting things such as ‘a big shop’ and ‘will the buggy fit?’ – What? These are important things to a mum-blogger!), you can search for #enjoythejourney on twitter, and I’ll also be posting photos on my Pinterest board “I’m blogging for Benfield” too. If you have any suggestions for road trips we should try, let me know!