The summer holidays are in full swing and we are off to Portugal for 2 weeks of sunshine TODAY! Sorry last mention of it. But whether you’re staying at home or spending a couple of weeks abroad, I think you’ll agree… the best swimming pools are a family favourite.

From the humble paddling pool to super-luxurious infinity styles, swimming pools are the perfect way to cool down in hot weather and even better: they keep the kids entertained for ages!

Gabby’s a bit funny about big water parks – when it comes to slides, she’s still finding her feet. But regardless of that, she still loves the idea of them so we’ve put together our bucket list of swimming pools!

A guide to the Best Swimming Pools in the World for Kids

San Alfonso del Mar, Chile

The San Alfonso del Mar is the world’s largest crystalline water pool. Despite being owned by an upmarket resort, the pool is accessible to everybody and attracts visitors from all around the world. Containing 250,000,000 litres of water, the pool is ideal for people who like their own space to stretch out (I’d settle down at one end and get Mike to take the kids to the other end!).

Although he’d have to make sure he kept the kids in the shallower ends of the pool as the deep end measures in at a depth of 115ft! What?!

The 7 Best Swimming Pools in the World for kids. No.1 San Alfonso Del Mar Resort Chile

Image Courtesy of the International Business Times

The Tank at the Golden Nugget, Las Vegas

Although not traditionally associated with family holidays, Las Vegas is building on its image as a child-friendly holiday destination. The pool at the Golden Nugget is fantastic for children with an interest in sea life. Known as The Tank, this pool contains a water slide which flows through a large fish tank. It looks AMAZING!!

For those too little for the water slide, the tanks can be viewed from the main body of the pool, allowing toddlers to learn about the mysterious creatures of the sea.

The 7 Best Swimming Pools in the World for kids. No.2 The Tank, Golden Nugget, Las Vagas

Image Source: Flickr

Nickelodeon Hotel, Orlando

It’s no surprise that one of the world’s best pool complexes for kids is located in Orlando. The Nickelodeon pools pack a punch with seven slides and flumes. At 4.45pm everyday a huge tanker underneath Spongebob Squarepants tips green slime over the gathering crowds of children.

The 7 Best Swimming Pools in the World for kids. No.3 Nickelodeon Hotel, Orlando

Image courtesy of Family Adventure Project who witnessed the Slime first hand!

Hyatt Regency Maui, Hawaii

Perfect for babies and toddlers just getting to grips with the water and developing confidence in the pool; the swimming pool at the Hyatt Regency contains a number of enchanting features. Leaping fountains will keep the littlies captivated. Alongside the water is a sandy island where tots can enjoy digging, building sandcastles or simply sand sandwiches.

The 7 Best Swimming Pools in the World for kids. No.4 Hyatt Regency Maui resort

Image courtesy of Oyster

Paradise Island at the Atlantis Resort, Bahamas

Kids will adore this sprawling pool complex. With plenty of small pools for all ages to explore, this is the perfect pool to keep the whole family entertained.

The pool even includes a Mayan themed play area, complete with cargo nets, water cannons, rope bridges and slides.

Azul Sensatori, Mexico

This pool is famed for its Lazy River, which sees guests come back year after year. If your child is a little nervous in the pool, this kind of feature is perfect for building confidence. I love this float suit from Splash About for added comfort and safety.

There’s also a splash park and children’s pool, complete with waterslide. The hotel is ideal for families with young children, and as an added bonus there’s entertainment in the Azulitos Kid’s Club.

The 7 Best Swimming Pools in the World for kids. No.5 Azul Sensatori, Mexico

Image source

Aulani-A Disney Resort, Hawaii

And finally, a brilliant pool complex from Disney. This resort in Hawaii is host to the Waikolohe Valley water zone which includes an interactive water play area, a thrilling slide and four whirlpools. The zero-entry sided pool ensures that small children have somewhere to play with mum and dad.

The 7 Best Swimming Pools in the World for kids. No.6 Aulani-A Disney Resort, Hawaii

Image courtesy of in the Magic

What does your family think are the best swimming pools?! Share your thoughts below…