It’s one of the biggest days in the Retail year this week. Black Friday is on Friday, 27th November and I’m already a bit anxious in anticipation! It really is one of the very few days that you can get money off most stores and in some case off things that might never actually make it to the end of season sales.

Black Friday Tips from Ashleigh Money Saver - 7 tips for making the most of the best day in the retail year!

It’s a great way to get your Christmas presents sorted…But, if you’re not careful, Black Friday could cause so much excitement that you might spend way more than you might have wanted to (I speak from experience here!).

So, to avoid some of the pitfalls I fell into last year, I’ve been in touch with the lovely Ashleigh from Ashleigh Money Saver, to ask her for her top tips for making the most of Black Friday and where she thinks the hottest deals can be found…Here’s what she said.

Black Friday tips from Ashleigh Money Saver

1. Plan ahead – Work out what you need and where you’re going to get it from in advance. This will avoid you getting overwhelmed and missing the best deals. Check out Ashleigh’s Insider List here.

2. Budget – set yourself a budget, otherwise you’ll buy more than you need and won’t actually save money.

3. Book a holiday – Black Friday and Christmas Day are by far the best days to book your holiday with many travel agents offering 20% off. Also try to haggle a bit more. Ash got 30% off her holiday last year by haggling!

4. Don’t forget Cyber Monday – if you miss anything in the actual shops, head online as many of the deals can be found there on Monday.

5. The hottest deals can be found in Boots – from electronics to makeup, there’s loads on offer here.

6. Early deals have already started – head to your favourite retailers to see what they’ve already got on offer.

7. Buy your White Goods from John Lewis – This one was for Mums’ Days Mum, Rhea, who is buying a fridge on Black Friday! John Lewis will match any price you see online and you will also get the full warrantee! Good one, Rhea, we need a tumble drier, so I think I’ll be doing the same!

Thanks Ashleigh!

Phew! Thanks Ashleigh, I’m feeling way more confident about tackling Black Friday now – I think budgeting really is the key for me as it’s so easy to get carried away when you think you’re getting a deal…but it’s only a deal if you actually wanted to buy it in the first place!!

What have you got your eye on for Black Friday?!

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