Firstly Lake Windermere

We are currently having a wonderful time in Ambleside right by Lake Windermere. It’s beautiful and so nice to have my family around me doing ‘wholesome family things’ (Mike’s words as he bought us all new bikes and Reuben a trailer, which he currently hates!). We’ve barely turned the telly on. And we’ve been biking and reading and laughing and playing games and finding teeny tiny frogs and eating blueberries (and drinking too much wine). It’s lovely.

lake windermere

Dipping our toes into Lake Windermere after a ‘wholesome’ trudge up a hill!

lake windermere

Teeny tiny frog by Lake Windermere

lake windermere

My boys – That’s some beer garden backed straight onto Lake Windermere!

Secondly Blog Daze

In the meantime, during nap time, I’ve been able to think about me. And thinking some more about this blog… I have decided (not just now! I’ve been thinking about it for a while) for the month of August to take a blog break. I have been inspired by Kate Brookes who took July off her blog to work out what to do next.

When I started this blog I was pregnant, jobless and, I’ll be honest, I thought this would be a way for me to have a career (aka make some money) from home, with a baby. It hasn’t quite panned out that way. The progress has been much slower than I anticipated, and much like my disappointing weight loss progress, it’s all about self sabotage. Not quite believing in myself and therefore I’m not giving 100%.

Part of me has no idea what my passion in life is! Fancy getting to the grand old age of 30 and still not knowing what you like or what you are good at?! But my career so far (milk girl, cleaner, dog walker, granny/baby sitter, shop assistant, waitress, civil engineer, transport researcher, almost PHD student, event manager, business owner, transport researcher (again) and now blogger) demonstrates how I’ve been wandering around from job to job being good but not amazing. Liking it but not loving it.

The other part of me is going through a mum identity crisis…who am I if I don’t have a job? Being a mum is the most important thing in the world for me and for Mike but what about everyone else? I shouldn’t care but I do. When I am asked what do you do? I love being able to say I’m a blogger and explain that I don’t just sit at home playing with my baby (we all know that is just what I do, but occasionally I send a tweet or Facebook update and even more occasionally I write a blog post!). It gives me a sense of identity as all my maternity leave friends are going back to work. It also gives me something to think about, get the grey cells working. I love spending time reading about how to blog and build a community, thinking about what I can do with Reuben and blog about. But much as I love reading about weaning, the problem is I am the queen of procrastination and rarely do the To Do List I spent an hour creating.

So far I’ve been dipping my toes in this blogging lark, like us dipping our toes into Lake Windermere, but now it’s time to swim the 26 miles. Sink or swim, it’s time to commit!

Is this August off also procrastinating? Maybe, but at the same time I am looking forward to it (because I love procrastinating??), and I hope it will put a stop to my blog block. I am going to research. By research I mean read. Read other blogs and read books, find out what I’m interested in and how I can make a difference and stand out from the millions of other mum blogs. I’ve already started this by reading this beautifully designed blog book, Blog, Inc., by Oh Joy! blogger, Joy Deangdeelert Cho…If you are thinking about starting up blogging I would highly recommend it (don’t buy the kindle version you need to hooooold this baby!).

blog inc - by lake windermere

I also want to talk to YOU! Find out what you like or don’t like about my blog so I can make it better. If you’ve ever left a comment on here or on my facebook page, expect to hear from me! And if you have been reading my blog but have never left a comment – please do so now so I can get in touch. I need your help!!

Much like me, my blog needs its own sense of identity. At the moment I feel it’s a bit disjointed but that’s why I want to hone in on my passion as that is really the only way my blog can be unique. But I can’t see the wood for the trees, so if you can think of a post that I wrote that you particularly enjoyed, please let me know. It will really help me to understand what I’m good at.

Once I have written a survey I will post it on here and if you can help me by filling it in, that would be amazing. But apart from that post and a post on ReubleDooble’s Birthday to celebrate him turning 1, August shall be a quiet one on Mum’s Days!

Thank you so much for reading my blog, I really appreciate it and I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Hannah xxx
lake windermere
A small leap for mankind (stolen from Ellie DJ) – Spaceman eating blueberries now wedged by the wall!!
One final unrelated thing…yesterday Reuben was getting ready to eat his obligatory blueberry feast when, like his new Nuby bib (which is currently on sale for £2 and we love it), he decided to launch himself. He managed to tip the whole seat backwards straight onto the solid stone floor. By some act of God he managed not to crack his head open or give himself a concussion. In fact I don’t think he even really hit his head. There was definitely some force as the top of the chair is broken. He cried. I cried. But I think it was mainly shock. You probably already know it but if you’re using a booster seat, please wedge baby in between the table and the wall!! I’m so thick sometimes.