There’s only 2 days left of Nowt Special’s NaBloPoMo! I’ve not used many of Vonnie’s prompts as there was either other stuff going on or because I didn’t have much to say about it (tell us about your pets…I loved reading Vonnie’s post about it but then she has a small farm. I don’t have any!). Today’s prompt, after a little bit of thought, I decided I could do.

Tell us about three new blogs you found this year.

I find the internet an overwhelming place to be. Finding new blogs is easy but reading them is hard. I get a daily “new blog” email from Bloglovin’ but rarely read it. There’s always something else I’m trying to do in the snippets of time I have available. Making time to read more blogs was something I hoped would happen this month and I did definitely read some of my fellow NaBloPoMoers but not religiously, I’m ashamed to say. So 3 is a good number for me! There are 3 blogs I love, read, enjoy and look to for inspiration on a regular basis…

3 Blogs I Love

1. Katelyn Brookes – a website and blog designer for creative women

So Kate, blogs about her life, her design passions and also shares some fantastic advice for bloggers and small businesses. I love her “starred this week” posts, where she talks about what’s been happening and links to the interesting articles she’s found. I go through these articles every week because she is a researcher and finds the best stuff, that I would never have found in a million years! Gawd bless you Kate!

I also regularly go back and look at her “tips for better blogging” posts, in fact it was through her fantastic blog on How to make the most of pinterest that I first found her. She’s generally lush, a bit goofy (like me), responds to questions and she has a mind and a desk space I could only dream of (uncluttered). I think it’s fair to say I have a little bit of a girl crush on her.

2. Oh Joy! – by Joy Deangdeelert Cho a Graphic Designer, blogger, general wonderwoman

I’d heard of Oh Joy! but hadn’t spent much time there until I got her book back in July, which I started reading by Lake Windermere. The book is ace and gave me loads of great ideas for getting my blogging mojo back. It also pointed me to some great parent bloggers, who had achieved what I want to, such as Rockstar Diaries and Made by Joel. Joy and these other bloggers started out like me and with perseverance and hard work, they’ve now got really good blogs and more from it than they couldn’t have ever have anticipated. They didn’t always know what they wanted to be but by regularly sticking at blogging (and it can take years!), it came to them. So that’s my plan.

Joy’s blog itself is beautiful, as you would imagine from a graphic designer, and thoughtful and useful (her post on travelling abroad with a toddler is freaking inspired – we will be using it to the letter when we go to Egypt on Boxing Day!) and again, generally great.

blog inc - by lake windermere

3. Orange Mush – by Gemma Whiteford

I got to know Gemma’s blog by her commenting on my blog. She was the reason I finally wrote my stopping breastfeeding post (I’d been too scared of the breastapo before that), and she’s generally been a source of both inspiration and fun. But she’s stopped blogging!!

She turned 29 in August and then nothing. She’s busy. But I for one miss her. So I suggest you all go over to her blog, wish her a Happy Birthday and then tell her to get on and blog again!!