Lisa from The Life of Wife, has kindly shared her somewhat traumatic birth experience. If you experience your waters breaking, they will induce you within either 12 or 24 hours, if labour hasn’t established itself first, because they start to worry about infection. I hadn’t realised this until it happened to me. But while my waters breaking was a horrible mess over the kitchen floor, Lisa’s was a much slower trickle. The result (combined with some ridiculous cannula incursions) was rather a scary situation: c section complications. Thankfully little Jake arrived safely with a head full of fiery locks!

c section complications

 C Section Complications – Lisa’s Birth Story

I was originally planning to write Jake’s birth story on his 1st birthday. However as it turned out I found the birth quite traumatic so would rather spend his birthday celebrating him and looking to the future. I have found that writing things down does tend to help me come to terms with the things that have happened to me so hopefully telling the story of Jake’s birth will help me let go of the negative feelings I have towards my experience.

c section complications

I had a brilliant pregnancy, no sickness just some nausea in the early days and some tiredness. I was a completely happy, healthy pregnant lady, I didn’t even get a single stretch mark (really it’s true!).

Towards the end of the pregnancy I did start to get a bit fed up, as every pregnant woman does, I’m sure. So we did loads of walking as my due date approached to try and get things going, but to no avail. On my due date, probably out of frustration that a baby hadn’t magically appeared, I started to worry that something may be wrong, so we popped to the hospital and asked to be checked. At the hospital I was put on a monitor and told everything was fine, a scan showed that Jake was looking to be larger then my “bump measuring” had indicted (they estimated him to be 9lbs 3oz) so they gave me a sweep, which I found very painful and uncomfortable.

Despite the sweep, nothing happened. So we continued to do lots of walking as I got more and more frustrated and uncomfortable and upset that my larger size was causing me to have some mild bladder control problems (pregnancy is not glamorous!). Five days after my due date I was particularly annoyed and fed up and burst into tears telling Jamie how upset I was that I kept weeing myself whenever I stood up. After I had calmed down I started to think that perhaps this could be my waters breaking??

Off to the hospital we went again, and low and behold they told me I wasn’t weeing myself but my waters breaking had been a very slow leak rather than a whoosh. Now I like to think of myself as an intelligent woman, so how 5 days over my due date I didn’t realise my waters were breaking I do not know. Let’s just put it down to extreme baby brain stupidity!

The hospital told me to come back in the morning to be induced. At 7am we got to the hospital, where we were left on the ward until midday. Annoying! Once they came and collected us we were taken to a delivery room and I was put straight on the induction drip that was administered via a cannula in my hand, which again was a process I did not enjoy.

Every half an hour the drip dosage is increased. Now from this stage I really started to lose the concept of time, so apologies that I can’t be too exact with everything that happened. The drip did start to do its job and I was getting regular contractions, all the while the drip strength was gradually being increased.  I complained a number of times about the cannula being uncomfortable in my hand, each time it was checked and I was told it was fine.

I kept complaining about my hand feeling strange to Jamie and he started to notice that it was looking quite swollen and blue. Jamie went to find the midwife to get them to check the cannula (again) when they came and checked it this time they realised that it hadn’t been inserted correctly and some of the “induction juices” had been pooling into my hand. The cannula was removed, and reinserted which again was extremely unpleasant. Then the midwife massaged my hand, pushing the “induction juices” down towards my arm – and this is when my problems started.

It was like I was hit with a triple whammy of supper strength “induction juice”. My contractions got much stronger and much more regular extremely quickly. I was quickly put onto gas and air, and very shortly after administered an injection of pethidine. In my birth plan this was as far as I wanted to go with pain relief as I hate needles so really, really, really, didn’t want an epidural. Despite the fact that the drip had now been reduced to try to steady my contractions, they just kept coming. The problem was I was getting little to no break in-between. After about 40 minutes of a more or less continuous contraction, the midwife convinced me that I needed to have an epidural.

I always said that I would do whatever was best for the baby and would take the advice of the midwives. So I agreed to have the epidural. I was absolutely terrified whilst the epidural was administered, I think the only thing that stopped me from moving during the procedure was my extreme fear as my contractions were still coming thick and fast. Once the epidural kicked in, it did feel like a welcome relief and allowed me to have the first rest I’d had in hours. Unfortunately the midwifes still couldn’t seem to control my contractions, and they started to discuss a C section.

I am petrified of the concept of a C section, before getting pregnant I had never even given blood. The concept of any kind of operation scares me senseless. My whole birth plan basically revolved around NOT having a C section. The consultant was brought in and I was strongly advised that a C section was needed as the constant contracting was becoming too much for the baby, and I had been stuck at 6cm dilated for hours. By this point I was crying near hysterically, but agreed to the C section as I was told it was necessary.

Within minutes of the decision being made I was taken down to theatre. I can honestly say I have never been more terrified in all my life. The anaesthetist tried to console me and offer me reassurance, my main question to him being is it possible for someone to actually die simply from being so scared and what if my heart stops because I become so frozen with fear? In hind site I had completely lost my mind, but this just shows how scared of operations and c section complications I am.

To top things off, as if all this trauma wasn’t enough! The anaesthetist declared that my cannula still wasn’t correctly inserted into my hand (no wonder my contractions couldn’t be properly controlled) so it was removed and reinserted for the third time. Once this was done Jamie was allowed to join me in the theatre and the section was started. All I remember is say to Jamie over and over “keep talking to me, keep talking to me”. I have to say he did an amazing job of providing me with a constant running commentary of complete random conversation, despite me being unable to in any way say anything other than “keep talking”.

Jake was successfully born at 3.47am. The first thing I remember Jamie saying was, “Look at his hair!”

c section complications

I saw Jake and was happy he was ok, but to be honest I was too lost in my fear to really experience any other emotion. As soon as Jake was out of me I was given a sedative to help me to calm down. Though I still felt extremely panicked through the rest of the procedure.

I had never really been told how long the sewing you back together part of a C section took, but it started to feel like there was a lot of activity on the other side of the blue curtain and I quickly became panicked that something were complications. I wasn’t told what was happening just that everything was “fine”. After what seemed like a very long time, the procedure was over and I was moved to recovery.

I was hooked up to a morphine drip and given a quick cuddle with Jake before he was whisked away by a doctor. It was Jamie who then told me about the c section complications. Whilst the C Section was being performed the surgical team had noted that my placenta smelled ‘off’, which to them indicted that it had become infected. The reason it took so long to close me up was they needed to very thoroughly clean everything out.

The infected placenta meant that both Jake and I had the infection in our blood stream and we both required IV antibiotics, via the dreaded cannula! And would both have to stay in hospital until the infection was gone – they hoped we would be in hospital for three days. In the end we were kept in the hospital for six days!

c section complications

During our extended stay in the maternity ward both Jake and I had to have our cannulas put back in again (that totals four times for me and twice for Jake!). I generally found the stay in hospital ok, and I am convinced Jake and I both found breastfeeding so easy due to the extra time and care we had from the midwifes to help show me what to do.

A couple of days into my stay I did have a panic attack where I was re-living the birth experience. Which was distressing for both me and Jamie as I basically started writhing around on the bed as if I were in labour again! It took me a long time to calm back down and made me quite on edge that the panic attacks might happen again, but thankfully they haven’t.

In summary my birth experience was everything that I didn’t want and everything that I feared all rolled into one. It has taken me a long time to come to terms with the C Section complications and what happened, and I still find it difficult to look at my C Section scar. I didn’t fear childbirth throughout my pregnancy but now when I get pregnant again I think I will struggle with the fear of the same thing happening again and know I will require a lot more emotional support.

Thank you for sharing your story Lisa! I really hope that this process has helped you come to terms with your birth experience xxx I believe, because if I didn’t I wouldn’t even consider having another, that with the right support you will be able to overcome your fears!

Did you have C Section complications? Or a serious fear of C sections? How would you advise Lisa to prepare for her next?