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How do you get a baby out? Well, there are about a million different ways to do childbirth and this aims to cover as many as possible!

28 Feb, 2012

Well, so much for starting the week as I meant to go on…

This week is all change – I officially start my job on Thursday! I’m sort of excited and certainly looking forward to having my own money but I was really enjoying being at home, doing my own thing. Never-the-less I start on thursday so I have a million things that I wanted to do around the house (things normal people do all the time but not me because I hate it!!) – tidy/hoover/do the washing/clean the bathroom/put my clothes away/clean the kitchen/etc. etc.

I also don’t want to stop writing in my blog! I’m enjoying it but I’m worried that when I’ve been at work all day, the last thing I’ll want to do is to come home and write about piles or something. So I want to get a good plan in place and start writing a few emergency (but good, of course) posts for such an occasion!

Anyway, despite yesterday’s lack of post, I’ve got some exciting baby news. We spent the weekend with my brand new 3 week old nephew, Rowan, who is the cutest, most precious thing – I love him. And, it’s made me broodier than ever! The story is that my brother, Josh, decided to have a baby with his best friend’s Diane and Laura, who are the loveliest couple you will ever meet…Mike and I went to their wedding in the summer when we first met, and I have such fond memories of hazy sunshine, being loved up and camping in a mansion tent, when everyone else was in some kind of cocoon-like tent!

My brother lives out in Japan so baby Rowan was actually conceived within a few days of Mike and I getting married and 9 months later, here he is. This weekend Josh was back from Japan to meet Rowan for the first time, so my mum, dad and Isaac (little brother who’s 12), me, Mike and Gabriella all trooped down to my Grandparents’ in Lincolnshire so we could have a big family gathering to meet Rowan. I thought it could have been interesting/tense at times simply because I haven’t spoken to my Grandparents about it so I didn’t know how they felt about the more ‘unusual circumstances’! Turns out it was easy and relaxing, and my Grandparents were wonderful hosts.

We were also able to visit my Great Grandma (aka Nana) who is 105 in August! Here is a photo of the 5 generations (Rowan, Josh, my dad, Grandad and Nana). Nana kept asking if we are going to send the photo off to the paper, so I must do that!

As I mentioned, after all that time with Rowan, I am so broody! I want baby to hurry up…only 5 months to go…It was nice that I had a check up yesterday with the midwife, though. I was able to hear baby bean’s heartbeat, which was perfect, and the results from all my blood tests are that I’m completely fine and healthy (like I didn’t know it – I feel better now than I have for the past decade (read that ‘since I started drinking’), being pregnant is doing me the world of good!).

Also, Diane and Laura have given me all sorts of tips and things to read and things to try so I’ll be able to update on those as I go along. One of the most interesting is that they had Rowan at home, completely naturally and they swear by hypnobirthing. No offence to them, but I thought home birth was insane and a bit too earth mother for me, but since spending time with them and reading up a bit about it, I think I’ve done a U-turn! I meant to ask my midwife about it yesterday (along with a hundred other things I forgot to ask her!) so I’ll give her a ring and see what she thinks…will let you know the pros and cons from my research! Hang on for that before you judge, honest, you might be surprised!

In the meantime, it is now time to get on with my chores. I have been meaning to get out in the front yard for about 3 months to plant some daffodil bulbs (my mum says I’m guilty of cruelty to bulbs) and finally I’m going to do it. Well, it’s a good excuse to get my brand new hunters on!