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How do you get a baby out? Well, there are about a million different ways to do childbirth and this aims to cover as many as possible!

31 May, 2012

I am looking forward to childbirth. Yep, another Uturn. I now feel like earth mother, ready for labour. I know how to work on turning my baby, I feel like I know what’s going to happen during labour and delivery, I know what I need to do to stop that bit between your fanny and bum from tearing. I have the power.

Basically, we’ve just come back from our first NCT antenatal class and I loved it! Feels a bit dirty to say it but it was really interesting. I got ask all my questions about induction, intervention, waters breaking (or not) that’s been stressing me out and I actually now feel in control. I think I’m going to one of the few people who find it really useful…I may even go back to the idea of a home birth after all this! But at least if I don’t it will for the right reasons, so not because I’m scared but because I can’t be doing with the mess or I actually want to be in the Birthing Centre for the extra aftercare.

The things that stuck out for me tonight were as follows:

1. Get a birth ball and spend lots of time with your legs open and leaning forward – this apparently opens the pelvis to help the baby get into the right position, which is head down and back towards your belly. Alex, my best friend who is rudely leaving to go and shack up with the cool gals down in Olney, has a Giant Retro Space Hopper that she says I can have. Score.

2. When you first think you are going into Labour have a good meal (similar to something you’d have before a big sporting event) that will give you lots of sustained energy

3. Have a plan for the first stage of labour (i.e. when you’re at home for hours on end waiting for your contractions to become closer together) – such as when are you going to call your husband home from work or when are you going to wake him if it’s the middle of the night? Also, have a project – something like saving a DVD boxset or apparently being romantic is very good for labour progression! So, maybe we’ll finally put together that wedding album we talked about (pah!).

4. As mentioned by Ina May in my previous post, fewer examinations (i.e. to see how dilated you are) is better for labour progression. The hospitals have their own procedures BUT you don’t have to have the inspections if you don’t want. Also you can have the inspections upright rather than lying down if you want. Once you’re lying down it can be difficult to motivate yourself to move again, which leads nicely into…

5. Active birth is the way forward – we were instructed that if we take nothing else away from this we must remember NOT to give birth lying down. The pelvis is at its most closed AND you’re pushing your baby uphill! No thanks, did that with a bike and it wasn’t fun.

I’m sure there’s more but I can fill you in as I remember. In the mean time, I’ve borrowed 2 things a book called ‘How to avoid an unnecessary Caesarean’ and, the joke one (which will probably be ace), a DVD called ‘the Orgasmic Birth’ – apparently the baby comes out via the G-spot. Need I say more – I’ll let you know what it says.

The other thing I learnt today, courtesy of a techy geek friend of mine (he actually started the sentence saying, “you’ll know this, of course what with all your research”. Er, no.), was that morning sickness and other shitty pregnancy symptoms are caused by your baby having a different blood group to yours. If that’s right that is pretty fascinating so I shall look into it.

Please share any wisdom/anxieties you may have, I love to hear them!