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How do you get a baby out? Well, there are about a million different ways to do childbirth and this aims to cover as many as possible!

26 Feb, 2014

It’s Wednesday! I’d written a whole blog about the diet I’ve just started forgetting entirely that it is Birth Story day, as part of my on-going-won’t-stop-until-the-stories-stop Giving Birth Series, of which I now have over 100 birth stories! I’ve been so thrilled by the number of stories I’ve received and long may it continue but due to my disorganisation, today I don’t have a story to publish. I thought instead that I would share with you some tips on how to write a story in the hope it might inspire you to write yours!

How to write a story for the giving birth series

How to write a story for the Giving Birth Series

1. You can’t get it wrong

The first thing you need to remember is there isn’t a right way to write this story! It’s your story and you won’t get marked for it! In fact, I will give you an A+ for handing it in.

2. Write how you feel

Treat it as therapy! If you feel like being funny, do it, if you feel like being sad, do that. Everyone’s experience of birth is different and this series is a place where you can openly talk about what happened to you, without the fear of being judged.

3. DON’T spare us the details!

If something happened that caught you off guard or made you laugh or made you cry or pissed you off, try and capture it in this story so you don’t forget! In 20 years time, when you look back, it will be those little details that you have forgotten that make you so happy you did write your story!

4. Include photos

Before, during, after – If you are about to give birth, try and get photos (I know it’s the LAST thing that will be on your mind!!) as it makes for a great story if you can pepper it with actual photos to set the scene. I haven’t decided how I feel about publishing photos from the business end yet though… Maybe yours will be the first!

5. Don’t get overwhelmed by the task

Finally, remember you can do it in stages, especially if you are doing it soon after the event! And it doesn’t have to be really long, either (FYI I tend to edit down really long stories down to 1500 words)

I hope that helps and if you do fancy writing up your story, I’d love to add it to the collection. The Giving Birth Series has been really popular so don’t underestimate how your contribution could help someone with their preparation for birth or understanding their own experience! Plus many of the contributors so far have said how therapeutic it was!