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How do you get a baby out? Well, there are about a million different ways to do childbirth and this aims to cover as many as possible!

24 Aug, 2012

I’ve mentioned previously that I’m currently test driving, for Benfield Motor Group, a Hyundai i30 for its suitability as a family car…So, in the midst of all the labour drama, how did the Labourmobile perform?!

The first time we went to the birth centre, a 20 minute drive, I didn’t think we’d be coming home so we packed everything – my suitcase, Reuben’s baby bag, pregnancy pillow, bags of additional miscellaneous things, food bag, car seat (for the subsequent transformation into Babymobile and also because my NCT friend had to be blue lighted to hospital for a severe tear straight after baby was born and her husband had to follow in the car with their brand spanking new baby – not scary at all!), and of course my space hopper for ‘active’ labour. Pah!

For a sporty looking number, this car certainly has more space than meets the eye and it passed the giant space hopper challenge…

You’ll see in the video below just how much stuff I took. The midwife thought I was moving in and I really didn’t use half the stuff. That’ll teach me to pack last minute!

From a comfort point of view it’s great. For the first trip to the birth centre my sore back and bum were hugged like a glove. For the next three journeys, the space hopper became redundant as I could no longer sit on it without having a massive contraction. So, I strapped myself in the back of the car on my bed of nail (the back of the car could have been made out of cloud cotton wool and fairy dust and I’d still have been uncomfortable) and did manage to get a little rest cuddling up to my pregnancy pillow!

Given the number of trips to and from the birth centre and the hospital, Mike thinks it’s pretty fuel economic but we’re going to properly test that at the weekend when we’re taking Reuben to meet his Great Grandparents and his Great, Great Grandma (all on my Dad’s side) who turned 105 last week! Reuben has already been mentioned in the paper in a little piece about Nana, my Grandma has saved it so I can take a picture!

This time 2 weeks ago Reuben and I had our first night at home together. Mike and Gabriella were desperate to have us home so, after 48 hours observation (which meant really leaving another 12 hours after that once the discharge procedure had been followed) we made our way home. Here’s a little clip of us leaving the hospital and the car becoming Babymobile!

As ever it needs editing, if anyone wants to give a tutorial, I’d be eternally grateful!

Despite a rough first night we have been finding our feet – we’ve been on 2 trips to the beach, a visit to grandma and grandad Parker, when we took the buggy? We’ve also been to Asda and, crazily, yesterday we went to IKEA! I had to feed him in the middle of the shop but because I had him in the sling, nobody knew! Hehee.

Here’s Mike’s thoughts on putting the car seat in the car –

I’ve not tried yet but I’m going to have to shortly as I’m going for our first trip alone to meet the NCT mums! That’s if the midwife, who is currently holding me to ransom, ever comes…wish us luck!