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How do you get a baby out? Well, there are about a million different ways to do childbirth and this aims to cover as many as possible!

after a traumatic first

09 Mar, 2014

At the beginning of February I shared Mama H, of Thursday’s Child, Friday’s Thoughts, first birth story which was, in a word, traumatic. Just over a month later and Mama H is back after a successful and empowering elective c-section. I am thrilled for her, it was entirely deserved and after reading her blog over the weekend, I am almost broody! The lushness is infectious.

*Warning* These pictures are INCREDIBLE.

Mama H’s Elective C-Section

Mama H's Elective C-section #givingbirth

Yellow turned pink on Monday at 11:03am when we welcomed Baby Lowen into the world. A smaller, hairier version of her sister, 5 days early and weighing in at 8lb 4.

I don’t feel I need to write much. Her birth was a planned section at a different hospital after a previous traumatic emergency section, and I can hand on heart say that it was the most phenomenal experience of my life.

I walked to theatre holding my husband’s hand… I got to meet everyone who was looking after us… I was the first to find out she was a girl and I got to hold her immediately. And within an hour of her arrival, I was back in my room, feeling amazing and enjoying my new baby. I suffered insignificant blood loss, I remember everything so vividly and I came home last night and was able to enjoy both my girls together. I am sore, and still rolling around in bed like a turtle on its back in the night trying to get up, but I am healing well.

I feel empowered by Lowen’s birth, I feel in control of my choices and I am enjoying every second as a mother of two.

Meet Lowen. She’s one perfect little peach.

Mama H's Elective C-section

Mama H's Elective C-section

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