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19 Sep, 2015

Tanya, Mum of Two has recently bought some Colourful Dove Tablewear – here’s what she thought of it…

Colourful Dove - Mums' Days Reviewers - what a real mum thought!

Colourful Dove Tabelware Giftset – £24.99

Rating 5/5

All of a sudden my little girl seems so grown up (sob sob) and she is still using plastic plates which are ruined by the cutlery she is using. So I was on the hunt for a nice set for her to use that weren’t too grown up so I was also looking for a set where the items were not too big too. I discovered Colourful Dove and hurrah the set is exactly what I was looking for; perfect for a toddler.

Bella just loves everything to do with animals and the sets feature some bright fun designs suitable for boys and girls.

When the set arrived it came in a beautiful presentation box and was carefully packed so there were no breakages. Bella was straight away occupied by the colourful postcards that came with the set and was showing me the colourful animals. We are going to post them off to the Grandparents because you can colour in the back, what a great little touch.

Colourful Dove - Mums' Days Reviewers - what a real mum thought!

The set is the perfect size for little people and the design is simple yet striking on the white plate.

Bella already calls it her “special plate/bowl/cup!” and recognises the elephant once she has cleared the plate and that he is a lovely pink. The Elephant set is part of the Safari Range, which also includes a Crocodile, Lion and Monkey set.

Colourful Dove - Mums' Days Reviewers - what a real mum thought!

They are designed and hand finished in the UK. All of the items are dishwasher safe, which is great for busy families, and they can also go in the microwave, which means I can warm Bella’s milk in the cup.

As we have made the transition from plastic to china Bella has had to learn to be careful but she has done a great job as she wants to be grown up like Mummy.

When I first saw the price before I received the set I thought it was too high but actually I really love them and the personal touches are what has made the difference.

It would make a lovely gift for a  birthday/Christmas etc. Overall I give Colourful Dove a 5/5! Fab quality, great design, lovely packaging and they will certainly make every day colourful!

Highly Recommended by Mums’ Days Reviewer – Tanya Camilleri!!

Well, that’s sold it to me – every time I look at our ‘kids plates’ I shudder at the sight of mix-matched plastic. I think we need some of these in our lives!

Have you ever bought some Colourful Dove tableware?

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