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Review – Lace’mups


Mums' Days Reviewers - Leandra

22 Oct, 2015

Welcome to Mums’ Days Reviewers, where we review the latest wonderful and wild products aimed at us mums. We hope to help you navigate the products that you might like to spend your hard earned cash on! Today’s review is of Lace’mups, the brainchild of Ben Drury, and a creation from my neck of the woods… A simple device to help your kids learn to tie their shoe laces!

Mums’ Days Reviewer, Leandra, and her son, Thomas, have been trying Lace’mups for size.

Lace'mups Review - Mums' Days Reviewers

Review – Lace’mups

Quality – ★★★★☆

Price – ★★★★☆

Overall – ★★★★☆

It’s just started to occur to me that we have less than 11 months until Thomas starts school, whilst I am excited about this there is also some trepidation at the prospect of being a school mum! (more…)