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08 Oct, 2015

About 3 months ago I had an idea to start the Mums’ Days Reviewers. I regularly get asked to review so many products and I often have to turn them down as either my children are the wrong age or I don’t have time, which seems a shame.

The Mums’ Days community, particularly on the Facebook Wall, is built on shared experiences and supporting each other so I wanted to be able to offer mums real opinions on the products you might want to spend your hard earned cash on.

The Mums' Days Reviewers - meet the mums and hear their honest opinions on products aimed at mums and kids

As part of my summer survey, I asked who wanted to take part and over 100 mums applied! To be sure that the mums knew what they were letting themselves in for, I set a little assignment to review a product they have recently bought. The fab reviews will be published over the coming weeks but more importantly, please meet these lovely mums who are now officially the Mums’ Days Reviewers! (more…)