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Ultrasound day


(aka cry baby day)

08 Feb, 2012

Today was our Ultrasound – finally! I was really nervous and convinced the midwife would find nothing in there. Firstly, she said that thing they always say on telly, ‘this is going to be really cold’ before putting on the lube (or whatever it is they use). It wasn’t especially cold. Secondly, almost as soon as she put the thing on my stomach the little baby showed up. It was clear as day and instantly performed by starting to move around (not sing). I don’t want to sound cheesey but it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever done.

The pictures are never as good as when you’re there, but in the top picture you can see its head and face top left and an arm sticking out, and in the bottom one you can its face on the right looking down and its spine and stuff.

As for the crying, I have been emotional! It started in the ultrasound as soon as the baby popped up on the screen. I couldn’t believe it was there. On the way out the nurse said to me ‘you might want to wipe your eye, you’ve had a little leak while you were looking at the baby’. A leak? I guess you do have to have a full bladder before you go in but it didn’t come out my eyes, that was tears combined with too much black eye-liner.

Then on my way in to meet Alex for brunch (what? We’re ladies of leisure at the moment), I got all over whelmed again and blubbed my way in to town. Then again on my way home.

Finally, as a treat tonight we paid to watch One Day, that film based on a book with Anne Hathaway doing an interesting Yorkshire come South African come generic English accent. (They should have got that house keeper from Frasier in to train her.) Well, I don’t want to give it away but there’s a sad bit at the end. I’m normally a film crier but not this time, hard as nails. Then the film stopped, I had a cuddle with Mike and that’s when the blubbing really started. I started thinking about how I didn’t want that thing in the film to happen to Mike and then it escalated to imagining all bad things that could happen. I was really sad and started to panic that I was going to be a worrier from now on, thinking only dark thoughts!

Turns out I’m alright now…

07 Feb, 2012

I was checking out a new site today, new to me that is, called Parentsconnect. I warn you now, it’s from Nickelodeon and the moment you hit the page, there’s a loud advert you have to find and switch off. Anyway, since I’m into week 13 I thought I’d check to see what they’ve got to say about baby bean this week. I’ve been starting to think I can feel something in my stomach (it’s often just wind!) so he must be growing a bit. Firstly, I was greeted by this is scary little number…

Aw, but it’s got fingers and toes. It’s even got a complete set of vocal cords and larynx to sing wee little tunes with! What I found most interesting (before I read further and found out it could now sing! In theory) is what they had to say about (look away now, mum) sex. This has been an interesting subject around our house, which can be summed up by I’ve gone off it a bit and Mike’s always moaning about it. He’s even been offering to try out different positions all in the name of ‘research’ – as if I’d post something like that. Actually, never say never, pregnancy is a long time and I could run out of things to talk about.

Having said that, it sounds like Mike’s the lucky one… I met up with some pregnant friends of mine last week and when I said we were still having sex, their eyes nearly popped out of their heads in disbelief! Both of them (one 9 weeks, one 30 or so weeks) can’t stand the smell of their partners and won’t let them near.

But never fear (partners), here’s what parentsconnect have to say about week 13:

Welcome to the last week of your first trimester. Any day now you’ll start to feel your energy (and libido!) return.

Note the return of your ‘libido’ – I didn’t even realise this was officially one of hundreds of pregnancy symptoms (I suppose I should have guessed). Mike is convinced (or ever hopeful) that at some point my libido is going to go through the roof. I don’t know where he gets his information from and I’m not so sure, but in the meantime he should just be happy that it might return at all.

06 Feb, 2012

It’s happened. Mike gave me a telling off on Saturday, as I was about to reach for the chocolate, for eating too much. Queue some serious huffing, which lasted into the next day…”how dare you tell me what I can and can’t do” etc.

Before we hang him out to dry though, and I hate to admit it, he was right. I was drifting into eating for two syndrome (and then some) and Saturday in particular was a really good effort – McDonalds for lunch, Chinese for tea, plus plenty of snacks (and we’re not talking carrot sticks). So, after the huffing was done with I decided I need to take control.

I’ve heard about LiveStrong before, Mike’s been using it (to measure his 600 calories per day, or whatever it is he’s on) and the girls at work were for a while, but I have a bit of an aversion to calorie counting so I never bothered using it for weight loss (I’m not convinced it works and the idea of losing a pound a week really depresses me). Now I’m calorie counting to avoid putting on weight, it makes a bit more sense to me.

I’m aware that I have more time than other people at the moment to mess around with this stuff (today on the way to ASDA I realised that I didn’t have to stop once. I was so impressed on the way back I counted all the lights (10) and roundabouts (7) I went through – that’s time for you) but I’ve downloaded the livestrong handy little app, and it really easy! You can search for food or add calories manually, and it stores what you’ve eaten so you can quickly find things next time you have it. This should help with the cream egg dilemma…it can take you over the edge without you even realising. Damn you egg.

Mike’s still barely forgiven and weight gain during pregnancy is inevitable but here’s to calorie counting and not putting on weight! Just yet.

03 Feb, 2012

Forget your novelty fluffy handcuffs, they are not welcome here in the land of pregnant woman – I want comfort and amusement, and also probably food and a delicious non-alcohol alternative to champagne.

Here’s a few things that would sufficiently amuse!

  1. £3.50 Iron on Love Labels (Paperchase)- I’ve no idea what I’d do with them but they are cute all the same!
  2. £8.75 love scrap book (Paperchase)- For your dates: cinema ticket, meal receipts, etc (not).
  3. £3.95 Vintage Love Mug (dotcomgiftshop)- My mug cupboard is over flowing but I’d find room.
  4. £25.00 Home Cushion (M&S)- for my aching muscles
  5. £19.00 (in the sale) Bright Blue Jeggings (M&S) – stretchy comfort