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22 Feb, 2012

You’re probably sick of hearing about my boobs, but they are literally doing my head in! Whenever I go out to try and find a bra that fits I come home with a headache that lasts at least 24 hours and now they are beginning to impact on my ability to do exercise. I had to hold my boobs today every time I wanted to jump (thankfully I was at home) so that particular sports bra is destined for the ever growing post-preggo bag of clothes. The other sports bra I have is causing serious neck ache because the straps are too close together, meaning my neck has to hold up the 2 stone or whatever each of my boobs now weigh. That leaves me with one measly bra that is teetering on the edge of being too small.

Once again I’m on the maternity clothes hunt! Advice doesn’t seem to be too forthcoming for sports bras during pregnancy and google searches mainly come up with maternity (i.e. easy access to your boobs) bras, which I DON’T NEED, godamit.

Having said that, Runnersworld.co.uk have come to the rescue with some sound advice –

During pregnancy or when breastfeeding you will need the maximum support available. In addition, your bust size will change throughout your pregnancy, so consider buying an adjustable bra to avoid frequent replacements.

Some women find that wearing a crop top over a sports bra is the only way to stay comfortable when running during pregnancy.

I’m cool with that – when searching for maximum support, look what I found at  shockabsorber.co.uk – a bounce-ometer, to show you what your boobs look like when you’re running with different support. I found this both a shock at first and then hilarious but then I’m immature…

Anyway kidding aside here are 3 bras I’m going to try for size and shock absorbancy…

1. Shock Absorber Run Sports Bra – £32. Designed as a running bra, I think this bra could be the baby for keeping the boys in their place.

2. Panache Sports Bra – £35. This is a bra with good support for runners. It’s a multiway bra, so offers a bit of flexibility. The only problem might be that the bra is underwired, which isn’t ideal later on but probably a crop top will be ok as I’ll be doing less jumping up and down!

3. Figleaves active – £25. This is a non-wired high impact sports bra and the only reason I’m trying this one is because a) it says the words ‘non-wired’ and ‘high impact’ and b) it’s cheaper than the rest!


If anyone has found any good sports bras that they are using/used during their pregnancy please do let me know!!

21 Feb, 2012

The best bit of my body was always my stomach and I hated my legs. Today, however, was belly judgement day when my skinny jeans (the high wasted ones) had to be worn with the button undone. Classy. So, I’m coming to terms with the fact that my hideous legs are (fingers seriously crossed) soon to be the smallest bit of me, and might have to be my saving grace. Rather than panicking, it is time to love the lunge!

There’s no doubting that I’m exercising more than I ever had, and I’m now obsessed with working my arms (although my 1.5kg weights makes the exercises feel pointless – I need bigger ones!!), but with a holiday in Turkey looming (29th March, c’mon!)  I really need to get a shifty on with pregnancy exercises for my legs or I’ll be donning a wetsuit.

While I’m not expecting to get legs like these, I’m certainly willing to give it a good try!

Rather than me trying and failing to explain how to do the exercises, I’ve rounded together my favourite moves, kindly put together by some magazines and websites.

The general advice with lots of these workouts is to do the routine 3 times a week – I don’t believe that is anywhere near enough if you want some results. I’d do one of these routines 4 or 5 times a week. Also, make sure you warm up – when I’m working out at home I tend to stick on the warm up from an exercise DVD first, just to make sure I’m properly warm and stretched.

As an intro to your legs, this is a nice little article from askthetrainer.com to explain your muscles so then you can target the ones you don’t like (all of them in my case!).

1. Three Best Leg Toning – femalefatlossoverforty.com. The layout is a bit rough on the eyes and the exercise is pretty simple but these are the bad boys that really work, and a good basis to start from. Plus, she says stuff I agree with – generally avoid the machines, you use less muscles (and I’d rather make sure any time I do spend in the gym really counts!) and don’t bother with gadgets (I’d say dumbells are all you need) – save your money for better things (cakes).

2. Lean Legs Workout – Women’s Health Magazine (US). I tend to do the ‘could I do this in the gym’ test and some of the WHM routines are frankly a bit ludicrous, but this one is pretty good. I love combined squats with leg lifts (side and back), and each of these moves also engage the core, which is good since we are now limited to the stomach exercises we can do. You may find that you’re not keen on the pile squat jumps, if this is the case, just do the squat (or sumo squat), without the jump. There are 4 moves and it recommends doing the set 2 or 3 times but once you get the hang of it (and as always listen to your body and don’t put yourself under undue stress particularly in the first trimester!!), I’d say do 4 or 5 sets – it’ll take no time at all really.

3. Top Ten Butt Exercises – about.com. These are bum exercises but they’ll do your legs too. Oh, and they include dumbells for an additional bit of oomph. The first 5 exercises are the set to complete 2 or 3 (or 5!) times and can be done at home or at the gym without fear of embarrassment. The subsequent 5 exercises are cardio exercises – hiking, running, etc. which are obviously good and I do try to do at least 15 mins cardo biking, running/walking whenever I’m at the gym, which is about 2 or 3 times a week.

4. Seven Exercises for Your Best Legs Ever – lifescript.com. This is quite good if you’re new to leg exercises, and covers most of the basics and exactly how to do them, including an easier method to get you used to it.

5. Davina – Body Buff – I know I’ve mentioned this before but the leg section is soooo good! The jumping lunges are a bit too hardcore for me so I do the exercise but without doing jump. The arms are good too, and the benefit of getting a DVD is the inbuilt warm up and cool down, which you HAVE TO DO regardless of the exercise you choose – it will seriously diminish your chances of injury and means you’ll recover quicker too.

There you go, get your soon to be luscious pregnant legs round one of those and then have a big glass of milk – speeds up recovery, you know?!

Final Note: check with your midwife before doing ANY of these exercises and LISTEN to your body, if it hurts stop immediately.

20 Feb, 2012

Here’s your all request Friday, Polly – albeit – on Monday. Sorry love, apparently headaches are common in pregnancy and you are meant to keep track of what you’ve eaten so you can avoid it in the future. My head Achilles, if you will, seems to be bra shopping – every time I go I have a shitty time and come back with a headache and no nice bra. And, it’s still lingering now. BUT excuses aside, because it’s green, it invariably looks like pond water and it’s really good for you… let’s talk juice!

pregnancy diet

My pal, Polly, asked me last week about the Juice Master (you know the guy who laughs at pineapples?) and to recommend the best book, so I thought I’d do a book review (in order of preference) of the ones I have so you can make your own choice, love! As some of you many know, I’m a juice enthusiast and think it’s a great way to get all the vitamins and minerals as part of your pregnancy diet.

1. 7lbs in 7 Days Super Juice Diet

I got this book (rather embarrassingly) after getting the Jordan workout DVD and watching the bit at the end, that no one normally watches, which happened to be about juicing. It worked for me, but doesn’t for everyone – my best bud, Alex, was instantly put off by Jason Vale and hasn’t read a book despite my ongoing cajouling. SO, I got the book specifically because I wanted to lose 7lbs in 7 days and boy did I?! I actually lost 10lbs.

From a weight loss point of view this book did exactly what it said on the tin – the book is very inspirational, explaining in detail why juicing can not only help you lose weight but also why it is so good for you. It’s short and easy to read, and covers all sorts of reasons why you should juice (you are what you eat/let food be thy medicine stuff). It is the reason 6 or so years later I still have a juicer out on my kitchen work top and use it regularly. I think after all these years it’s still my favourite. My first true love.

2. Juice Master Keeping It Simple: Over 100 Delicious Juices and Smoothies

This is the infamous ‘pineapple laughing’ shot… and this is the recipe book. I use this book most days for juicing – it covers everything from juices for kids to detox, from a pharmacy (for beauty and ailments) to sexy juices! It doesn’t explain in much detail why you would want to juice so I wouldn’t recommend to first timers.

3. The Juice Master: Turbo-charge Your Life in 14 Days

When I’d finished 7lbs in 7 days (and lost loads of weight) I was fully bought into the whole idea and ready to buy more books. Once you’ve finished the 7lbs in 7 days plan it is recommended that you then follow the turbo-charge your life plan, which I, of course, whole-heartedly did! The focus of this book is not just weight-loss but also overall heath, well-being and vitality. However, this book is a little more tedious as it focuses on your excuses, i.e. what your head might come up with in order to sabotage your attempts to lose weight/be healthy/etc, but it goes on and on. It’s good for a first read but I’ve struggled to keep going back to it.

Having said that, the second half of the book is great – it’s a bit of a directory of what to eat and what not for general health and staying slim (and why, which is really good). And, because the plan isnt just juice there are recipes for juice, salad, soup, lunch and dinner options. Plus, the appendix covers vitamins and minerals, and where you can find them, and a fruit and veg directory and their individual benefits.

4. The Juice Master Juice Yourself Slim: The Healthy Way To Lose Weight Without Dieting

This book follows in the same vane as the others but also has a good go at ‘drugs’ – not the ‘drugs are bad’ drugs but the pharmaceutical drugs created to cure us of illnesses. He makes a good point and I enjoyed reading what he had to say. The plan itself is more than juice so there’s a bit of variety (for weight-loss though, I do much better with the strict juice only!) and includes good recipes for health not just weightloss.

So, that’s it – the 4 books I have and my thoughts. And, despite the emphasis on weight-loss there’s plenty here for the lady with bun (so features strongly in my pregnancy diet) but I’ll definitely be back on the juice wagon as soon as it’s OK for me to lose the baby weight!

17 Feb, 2012
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I’ve been following my own advice from the Sunday Symptoms (besides yesterday’s sweetie overload!) in an attempt to banish these spots (the main offender in my pregnancy symptoms) and – what do you know? – it seems to be working! So I thought I’d do a quick morning blog about what I’ve been using and eating.

Firstly, I’ve been washing my face with something that’s been in my cupboard for a while now but I never bothered using and it’s great. It’s by the fabulous Soap and Glory (I love ALL their stuff!) and it’s called Clean Mary. Because it’s like a milk it seems to moisturise while it cleanses, which is good because my skin is not only spotty but also dry!

The other thing I’m using is the only oil-free moisturiser I could find in ASDA, and it was pretty cheap, amazingly. I was a bit dubious that oil-free would work for me because of my dry skin but it’s working like a dream and you only need a pea-sized bit to cover your whole face, which makes me hap-pea. It’s new from Nivea and it’s called Nivea Visage Oil-Free Moisturising Day Cream.


I’ve also been having my beloved juices (see the Sunday Symptoms for the recipe) and I’ve been trying to eat loads of veggies – check out this lunch from earlier in the week. It had at least 5 of my 5 a day, some avocado and low-fat greek cheese for protean, and then I just added it to couscous and sprinkled on some olive oil and lemon juice. Lush.

Also, and then I’ll shut up, I was reading in my other beloved, women’s health magazine about other foods that are particularly good for your skin and here they are:

  1. flax seeds (to ‘erase spots and iron out lines’. Nice.)
  2. carrots (lots of Vitamin A so they’re good for clearing up yo spots, eat about 2 a day. Sweet potato is also good for this)
  3. almonds (Eat on holiday, they stop you getting sun burned!)
  4. 2 cups of green tea a day (I’ve just found some decaff – it’s currently on offer in ASDA. Drink it while it’s hot for maximum effect)
  5. spinach (forget about the fact that it makes your skin plumper and less wrinkled, it prevents skin cancer!)
  6. cooked tomatoes (hooray, all the more excuse for a fry up!)
  7. tuna (you want about half a can a day, which us preggos can’t have every day, for it to take effect. This can be replaced with brazil nuts (about 12) or turkey (1 cup, whatever that means) though!)

Out of that list, I never eat nuts.  With nut facts like these (and did you know…hazelnuts are good for your foetus and are packed with calcium, brazil nuts fight cancer, almonds help burn belly fat, walnuts help your skin and heart glow?)  I need to start adding them to salads!

Right, that’s it for now – I’m off to buy a sports bra that doesn’t make me look like Jordon, then I’ll do my proper blog for today… All Request Friday (it’s new) where I will be reviewing my favourite juice books for my pal Polly because she asked me to. Laters.