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11 Mar, 2012

I’ve been particularly lame this week! I have been researching different ideas for blogs during my lunch breaks but by the time I get home at night after work I can’t be arsed…terrible, but I guess I’m still trying to get my head around not being a lady of leisure! I’m not sure I like it but my new job is good.

The good news is that we’ve had a bit of time to ourselves this weekend. Today, I was the last one up at 7:30am (bearing in mind we also have a teenager in the house at the moment!), so it’s been very productive. By 10am Mike had finally finished off the painting in the bathroom (hooray for a complete bathroom, it’s only taken 8 months!), I’d hoovered our room and the dreaded stairs, Gabby and Ashleigh had tidied and hoovered their rooms, I’d put a huge wash on and we were eating our second breakfast. We had time to enjoy the sunshine with a long walk on the beach (followed by a ‘snack’, which turned out to be a HUGE chip butty – for the baby!), hoover the rest of the house, do loads more washing, change our bedding (which is the worst job, worse than the stairs) AND have a nap in the new sheets. I even made a chicken dinner and a lasagne for tomorrow.

Show off.

But seriously, before I got pregnant it would have taken me a week to do this amount of stuff. Now I know what people who don’t drink like someone from Geordie Shore manage to do with their weekends, it’s a revelation!

In other pregnancy week by week news, I’m 18 weeks pregnant and the sites are talking about the dreaded weight gain. Dun dun derrrr! askamum.co.uk say by now you should have put on between 5 and 13lbs, it then goes on to scare the shit out of you by saying…

The average total weight gain during pregnancy is around 13kg (29lb). If you put on too much weight now, you may gain much more than this, which can make the remainder of your pregnancy and delivery more difficult. It will also make those extra pounds harder to shift afterwards.

Terrifying. This weight gain lark is a total mine field. You must put on weight! …But not too much (for example, you can have an extra slice of cheese on toast a day…no need for me with my chip butty lovin’). And to add insult to injury my body is seriously trying to sabotage any attempts I have to eat healthily. Well, I am eating healthily but I’m hungry so I’m also eating all the naughty things we have around the house too.

The other thing to start looking forward to from now on is…varicose veins. Askamum’s advice…

 lie with your bum up against the wall and your legs stretched upward at right angles, for 20 minutes or so, once a day.

Holy cow, I’m never going to have time to write a blog!

Remember, it’s all worth it…! Here’s baby, courtesy of i-am-pregnant.com, at 18 weeks sucking it’s thumb (if this baby’s anything like me, it’ll be sucking its thumb till it’s 21):