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15 Mar, 2012

I’ve got loads to do tonight as I’m out at a French soiree tomorrow night at best friend, Alex’s, complete with duck confit and stripes…firstly I’ve got to find something French to wear (sounds rediculous but Alex loves a good dress up – although she always goes as a French person if it’s a fancy dress party so she’s got the upper hand here), apparently penciling on a little moustache isn’t going to cut it. And, secondly I need to make a curry for Saturday night as we’re off for a big in-laws dinner at my parents’. I was also going to make cakes for mother’s day but that thankfully went out of the window otherwise I wouldn’t be going to sleep tonight.

I thought I’d get a head start with the blogging while Mike pops out to get the curry ingredients (amazingly he’s going?!? I think it’s a thank you because we just did it and it’s been ages). So for the pregnancy week by week update – I’m 19 weeks today and things seem to be hotting up on the baby front. For example, it’s little foot is now an inch long – that seems insane considering I can hardly feel it moving and my bump still looks pretty lame. Although, today I thought the bump was beginning to look more like a bump, which bodes well for 2 weeks tomorrow (holiday, have I mentioned it?!). The brain has been busy developing and it is all connected up to baby’s body by its nerves so the movements (apparently there are lots?!) are now conscious.

At the size of a mango, its kidneys are now working so it can wee in me. Lovely! Thankfully the amniotic fluid is refreshing itself all the time. The other weird thing is that the baby is now covered in a funny cheesy substance, like dipped yoghurt, which sounds entirely minging! But it stops little bean’s delicate skin from pruning up like when you’re in the bath.