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22 Mar, 2012

I can’t believe I’m 20 weeks already but before I get ahead of myself, apparently the second half goes a lot slower than the first, not least because I didn’t even know I was pregnant for 5 of the weeks in the first half. And, what if I’m 2 weeks overdue like my cousin was with her first? That’s 7 more weeks in the second half!!

Not to worry, lots to do before then.

Yesterday, Mike, Gabby and I went for a trip for my 20 week scan. Apart from Gabriella walking ahead of me all proud and excited, I have to say the scan was a bit of a disappointment after the first one, which was mind-bogglingly amazing and emtional. Aside from the fact that the lady doing the scan was very dour, and did nothing to make Mike or Gabriella feel welcome (which pissed me right off. If you work with babies, even on the inside, I would expect a bit more bedside manner than that!), it was much harder to see the baby this time. She spent a lot of time focused right in on bits of the baby to make sure everything was OK, which is of course great because everything was perfect. When she did finally zoom out for about 30 seconds, we got some sketchy images that still brought a tear to my eye and we all left a bit more chirpy than when we went in. p.s. we didn’t find out what we’re having!

The main 20 weeks pregnant update for me is that I am definitely showing, I’ve put on a stone, I feel incredibly fat and unattractive, which is probably because I’m eating too much! I’m starting to ache a bit more as a result of exercise, and the weirdest one is my pubic bone is also really aching. Finally, my nose is blocked and Mike said I started to snore last night. There’s no wonder I feel like the beast from beyond! To add insult to injury, I tried on the bikinis I wore last May on our honeymoon and it was worse than indecent. It’s a good job I’ve got some maternity swimmers coming.

The other good news is that it’s now time for the stretch marks to start. Hooray, it gets better! Not to worry, again, I’m going to eat loads of avocado (no hardship there!) and smother myself in body butter. As ever, what will be will be.

I shall sign out with my favourite quote on 20 weeks pregnant from Parents Connect (they’re referring to organising your nursery):

If you don’t already have one, consider buying a label maker.

Kill me now!