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26 Apr, 2012

Back in my heady days as a Civil Engineering student I was lucky enough to study in Singapore for a year. As a 21 year old, who thorough enjoyed the ‘Lady’s nights’ (free drinks for ‘ladies’ to entice the men into a bar), I wasn’t massively keen on the Asphalt and Tarmac module I had to take from 5-7pm on Friday nights. Seriously. Only in Singapore.

Having said that, I still remember quite a bit of what we were taught and what’s worse is I’ve been reliving it. The basic premise of part of the module was to study accidents that can occur due to excess water on the road and how you can prevent the accidents through the composition of the road surface. Last night driving back from dinner with Gabriella, it was chucking it down. Really chucking it down. And, I was seeing the accidents that could happen in graphic detail and papping myself every time I went through the slightest puddle.

You probably wouldn’t think it but studying Civil Engineering has only fuelled my vivid imagination for what kinds of accidents could happen (it didn’t stop at car accidents, I also had to learn about the threats from escalators, trains, tunnels, landslides, for god sake! Never mind building failures…The list goes on). Either to me or Mike and Gabby. And, as I get more pregnant, the visions get worse. Like living through one of those visions from Final Destination.

Paul McKenna would say to deal with it, don’t keep replaying the vision in your head. Make it a photo, then make it black and white, and then make it teeny tiny and think about something else. Ok, boss.

25 weeks pregnant

So, baby bean! With all the excitement of becoming a lard arse, I’d kind of forgotten about junior and I haven’t visited it’s little progress for a while. Well, I’m now 25 weeks pregnant (3 weeks left in trimester 2 – holy shit!!!!) and, according to whattoexpect.com, little dude is now 1.5 lbs. It’s lungs are developing nicely too and now that it’s nostrils are unplugged it’s practising breathing. Bless!

baby at 25 weeks pregnant

In terms of my bits and bobs – piles and symphysis pubis dysfunction (aka sore fanny/public area due to stretching ligaments) is what I’ve got to look forward to – BUT apparently these can be eased/prevented by doing my pelvic floor exercises. Something I’m accidentally neglecting… I sense a post coming on!

See, visions all forgotten.