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21 Mar, 2012

Yesterday was my Birthday. 29. And, after my step mum whinning, I ended up having a lovely morning with Mike and Gabby. Mike woke up stupidly early but at 7 he caught Gabby walking around with eyes half-open carrying my Birthday presents. It was totally adorable! She then went on to open all my presents and then cry her eyes out because it wasn’t her Birthday. In the mean time, I was too busy admiring my gorgeous new purse!

Normally for my Birthday I like to spend some time to myself contemplating life and thinking about what I want. With this Birthday being the last before a milestone, I thought I’d be more stressed out with all this but I’m actually feeling quite relaxed. My lovely friend, Ania, created a 30 before 30 list – 30 things, covering the exciting, ridiculous, ambitious, and lovely, that she has to do by the time she’s 30.

I am jealous, no doubt, but I feel like I’ve got my own challenges to face, baby! (and probably 30 of them) It’s very tempting to give myself a big list of things to do since I’ll be having loads of time off once the baby has arrived. However, the main piece of advice I have decided to heed is NOT to plan too much, which I’m interpreting as not planning anything. I think it feeds quite nicely into my mission, to be healthy and happy, so I’m not putting myself under any pressure. Although I think I will still make a list of 30 before 30 once baby has arrived including things like making sure I get dressed by 11am!

Rather than giving myself a long list, I’m giving a list to Mike instead – ha! We decided on Sunday while we were out having a drive (that’s what we do with our time now!) that we’d like to save up to move to a house we really want to live in. As a result we’re going to be staying put for at least the next few years and the house we’re in now needs some work if we’re going to enjoy those few years.

So, I spent my 29th Birthday writing our plan for the next few months so the house is ready for baby and, horray, I (meaning Mike or Mike’s Dad) get to decorate a nursery! I then got whisked away by Mike and Gabby for dinner by the sea. Without any prompting (I thought Mike might have put her up to it) Gabriella announced that she was very lucky to have a step mum who she loves so much, therefore, gazumping everything I said in my post yesterday!