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18 Jul, 2012

I’m 36 weeks pregnant (37 tomorrow!) and I can’t seem to keep up with the weeks at the moment there’s so much going on!

The good news is I handed in my report so I’m on maternity leave! Of sorts – I may still be needed to update a picture or a paragraph but hopefully not. The other good news is baby is fine, with its head down, and apart from the odd bout of thrush (ooh the glamour), so am I.

The bad news at the weekend was that I nearly passed out at a dinner party – I was sitting down and had just eaten, so goodness only knows what that was about. I did have heartburn for 2 days afterwards but I feel perfectly fine now. I was probably just a bit over excited by being so grown up/out late/out at all.

The other bad news is that I am potentially very easy to piss off at the moment. I don’t feel especially moody but I may have a bit of pregnancy sensitivity going on. For example, crying when my grandad pointed out the obvious that I’d put on weight (I’m now feeling guilty about dobbing him in in my last post!) and nearly lynching an old ‘hip’ lady in New Look when she told me given my ‘condition’ I’d better get a bigger size in something as she’d just bought it and it was very tight (turned out to be too big thank you, biatch).

Well my latest example of potential pregnancy sensitivity happened yesterday in the gym…I say potential because I don’t think I was being all that sensitive. But see what you think!

I was going to write to Mr Lloyd (if he exists) to advise him that his gyms are missing a trick when it comes to pregnancy and keeping fit. For a family gym whose motto is “LIFE. Be fit for it” it seems a bit ironic that they offer absolutely no classes for pregnant women and very limited support through their personal trainers (at my gym anyway and I’d have to pay loads more to use another one) – what can be closer to LIFE than creating it?!

When I first found out I was pregnant I went to see the trainers to find out what I could and couldn’t do. Once one was found who was willing to touch me with a barge pole (largely chosen because his girlfriend was pregnant so therefore he ‘knew’ about it) the advice I was given was a) do what you were doing already but not too hard and listen to your body, b) don’t do any classes unless you have done it before and c) don’t do any classes anyway because the teacher wouldn’t be able to give me the special attention I need. Nice and inclusive then. What is it they say about pregnancy? Oh yes, it isn’t a disability. It seems to be here.

Anyhoo, I’ve done my own research and I’ve managed just fine, thank you, for the last 8 months and a week, working out between 1 to 4 times a week at the gym. What happened yesterday was I cycled on the bike for half an hour (being careful to keep my heartrate below 140 bpm, natch – advice I have researched not anything the trainers have told me), then did 3 sets of 10 shoulder presses – the most effective exercise to target your shoulders, biceps and triceps (so less effort overall). It was just after my shoulder presses that a generally lovely chap who works in the gym came over and told me very seriously and condescendingly that I shouldn’t be lifting weights over my head.

Now I’ve looked into this. So long as you are doing higher sets of low weights, you keep an eye on your heart rate (again I was taking my time and taking breaks between sets) and obviously don’t lift anything too heavy that you might drop on yourself, you should be fine. I told him this but he said it was to do with blood pressure and then said “I was just saying”.

What about my blood pressure? He doesn’t know anything about my blood pressure and as far as I can see from my experience of advice from the gym, no one there really knows what a pregnant woman can or can’t do, it’s all subjective. And what about that woman in Canada who ran a marathon at full term and gave birth a few hours later? Bet she had high blood pressure during that. Subjective I tell you!!

So I did not take kindly to this ‘advice’, and while he may well be right I found this to be particularly patronising and made me feel like a bad person, so I fumed for a while. I’m fine now (in fact I’m sat in the gym cafe as we speak – haha! – about to go back in the gym to do some more shoulder presses…actually, I’m not sure I’ve got the bottle now, I might do some squats instead), however I do think there are 2 ways to talk to someone. The first is to assume they are an imbecile and know nothing, the other is to have a conversation and find out why they are doing something a certain way and discuss. Please use the second with me, or else! I’ve also got a new gym t-shirt. Just as a warning!

I was going to suggest to Mr Lloyd that they at least offer some sort of prenatal yoga that is free for members and non-members could also pay to take part. I thought this was a good idea because it would be creating a community of mums-to-be (who’ll spend shit loads in the cafe) and gives them unlimited access to an endless stream of women who would soon want to lose weight. Not to mention kids to go in the creche followed by tennis and swimming lessons, etc. Hello? Ca ching?

Either way, Mr Lloyd, you should potentially rethink your approach to pregnancy as the messages are mixed – either offer advice or don’t. But, if I were you I’d get on it as there are loads of women who are creating LIFE and want to Be Fit For It.

See what I did there? 😉