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28 Jul, 2012

On Monday we moved back into our house after 3 weeks of living with our parents. Here’s a tour of our house when I first arrived home…

Should have filmed it in landscape, so I yet again show off my filming prowess.

I mentioned that I freaked out about how much we needed to do. Unfortunately, as a result of my initial freak out I’ve managed to panick both Mike (he’s struggled to sleep well all week for worrying about me) and my mum (who’s now offering to come over and help do stuff, which would be great if I could work out what needs doing…!). Whoops!

Despite the size of the washing pile, that never goes down (pretty much everything got covered in dust), and the fact that the nursery is a dumping zone, I’ve actually now done a u-turn and I’m feeling pretty relaxed.

The washing pile – there’s a washing basket and a washing machine behind that (oh, and another 3 piles like this)

The ‘nursery’.

Yes, those are golf clubs in the cupbourd. We haven’t actually got a cot now (my cousin needed one as her 3 month old has out grown his moses basket so I gave it to her – if anyone else has a cot they want to get rid of, let me know!), and without that you don’t really have a nursery!

Instead I’m focusing my nesting energy on our room. Parker junior will be staying there for the first few months of its life so I’ve moved the moses basket up there, and as a result I’m feeling calm and relaxed.

Nesting zone (aka our room) – baby’s bed

Nesting zone 2 – place to nurse

It sounds utterly ridiculous as I sit here without a door in the house (you heard me, even the bathroom is doorless for another 7 or so days!) and there’s loads more things I need to get (I also need to workout what those things are) but that one act has made all the difference! I’ve got somewhere to sit and nurse and a place for the baby to sleep.

Meanwhile, I leave Mike to carry out his version of nesting…mounting the TV on the wall. Look he’s even removing the finger prints (btw, in case you’re concerned about the light reflection, it’s now angled down so you can see it. Phew!).

Mike dusting the Queen during the Olympics Opening Ceremony. Bless. And yes, those wires are going to be hidden away to make the place baby friendly!

Am I freaking you out with our last minute nesting efforts or were you the same? – do tell (although try and reassure me at the same time that it’s all OK!!) xx

24 Jul, 2012

Yowzers. Another week passes.

Firstly, I can’t believe that I have a fully grown (pretty much) baby inside me now. Even with the help of this 37 weeks pregnant picture I find it really hard to imagine (courtesy of ask a mum)!

Secondly, I literally can’t keep up and everything is beginning to feel a bit overwhelming. I know when I think about it logically (with Mike’s help) that it is all fine but my crazy baby brain isn’t logical and I barely slept last night for thinking about things. I’m not entirely sure what, just things.

We moved back into our house yesterday after 3 and half weeks away. I’d really been looking forward to it but once we got back the amount that still needs to be done (preferably in the next week so that I can properly relax and let baby know that we’re ready for it to come out!) freaked me out a bit. What were we thinking finishing a whole house renovation 2 weeks before the baby is due (aka leaving us 2 weeks to sort out furniture/doors/a fitted wardrobe (in an awkward space)/odds and sods/etc.)?! That’s just our style.

Mike assures me that it’s all fine but considering he normally has a hissy fit when he does any DIY, it’s not entirely reassuring! Having said that, he does seem to have renewed vigour so I’m guessing his nesting instinct has kicked in too. There’s nothing like a deadline to focus the mind!

The good thing about all this drama is that it’s a welcome distraction for my overactive mind.

Last Thursday I read about Debbie, a blogger from Fife (http://familylifeinfife.blogspot.co.uk/), who sadly lost her baby, Daisy, a day after giving birth to her nearly 3 weeks ago. Until I read Debbie’s story, I hadn’t even considered that this could happen and it’s haunted me ever since. It’s taken until today to be able to talk about it and even now I’ve still had a cry. I feel so sad for Debbie and her family, but with 2 weeks to go, I actually haven’t been able to read more than a few lines of her blog at a time. I feel guilty about it but I really need to focus on being positive. There is so much that is unknown and you really can’t prepare yourself for something as tragic as this.

I realise now that this is why I potentially flew off the handle (all be it, in cyberspace) at the gym instructor. I don’t want anyone telling me at this stage that I could be harming my baby because at 37 weeks pregnant I’m neurotic enough.

This week, aside from stressing over every lack of movement (probably due to a lack of space, until bedtime when baby bean goes crazy), I have been superduper itchy. This in turn has made me worry that I had intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy (a liver condition with symptoms that include itchiness, no rash, dark wee and light coloured poo – guess what I’ve spent my week doing?). I don’t. I got the blood test back today. In hind sight I should have continued reading to the bit that said less than 1% of mothers in the US get it.

As a distraction, when I’ve had chance I’ve been focusing on what I can control by reading my hippy guide to childbirth book. I mentioned quite some time ago – when I thought I had all the time in the world – a midwife from the USA, called Ina May Gaskin, when I was discussing where I wanted to have the baby (Home birth verses birthing centre). Ina May has been delivering babies naturally for decades and I really like her style. I feel that childbirth is so instinctive that there is almost no way to get your head around it, you literally have to trust that your body will deliver the goods and know what to do!

And for those who can’t really relax and do that, there’s Ina May with a host of crazy techniques that she has seen work through the years. From loads of bonking to bring on labour to nipple twiddling to help labour progress. This book is right up my street, and while I may be setting myself up for a fall (I’ve been advised that whatever you plan for, the opposite will happen – mums can be so mean to mums-to-be!), I’ve got a few blog posts to distract/help focus the mind/laugh at/whatever you like so long as you are thinking positively xx