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38 weeks pregnant


26 Oct, 2018

I can’t believe we’re nearly through October, and I’m 38 weeks pregnant?! Honestly, where did the summer go?

I say, “where did the summer go?”, but I can tell you it was used up organising our village fete (which nearly killed me and took a week to recover from), days later we started a huge renovation project (which is ongoing), looking after kids in the school holiday, oh and being pregnant.

I’ve also started a new business, Box Happy!, with a pal of mine – who incidentally I first met through this blog and now our kids go to school together! It’s a happiness Subscription Box full of proven techniques to help improve your mood and mind!

Maybe not the best time but when Emily had the idea it was TOTALLY up my street (I love reading about happiness and mental health) so baby or not, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be involved. Come say hi on Facebook!

38 weeks pregnant

Last time around I blogged my whole way through the pregnancy but I seem to have very few photos of my bump this time around. I have this one, which I sent to my brother in Japan to show that I was ‘showing’ at about 25 weeks. So I’ve replicated it today to show me at 38 weeks pregnant.

38 weeks pregnant

25 weeks verses 38 weeks pregnant

The summer was amazing and we had so much fun in the garden. People would ask me how I was coping in the heat but in all honesty, I loved it. Tube dresses and mama Spanx (which I shall elaborate on in my next blog post) got me through the hot weather.

I’d say overall the pregnancy has been a good one. I’ve felt much more tired this time around and I’ve put on a fair old amount of weight but I’m trying not to stress too much about that now. Fingers crossed this is the last time I’ll be pregnant, so I want to enjoy it!

The House

The ‘6-week’ house project started in the first week of July. They started in the attic room and slowly took the whole place apart to the point where we only had the kitchen and some bedrooms, like distant islands in the dust, to live in.

Going to the toilet multiple times in the night has made me feel like Indiana Jones, avoiding the booby traps on my mission to find the holy grail.

We have just got the first room back – fully decorated – which Mike and I are going to be staying in for the foreseeable future. It’s a spare bedroom at the top of the house away from the dust and near a toilet! We’ve had it fully insulated, a window put back in and a cupboard created to box in the boiler. It looks sweet as a nut and I will be mostly nesting in there over the coming weeks.

38 weeks pregnant

Our master bedroom is also coming along nicely, but it’s a lot closer to all the action (read: dust) and there’s quite a bit of plumbing work still to do in the ensuite so we probably won’t be in there for a month or two.

But remember this picture from the post, Master Bedroom, I did back in June? Check out how it developed, it’s been quite the transformation…

38 weeks pregnant

It’s now looking more like this…

38 weeks pregnant


Family time

Despite having all the building work going on and not going on holiday, the long, lazy summer was a good one. We enjoyed making dens in the garden, picking all the amazing fruit the garden has to offer (I found a plum tree and must have eaten 200 over the course of a week), seeing friends and taking day trips.

38 weeks pregnant


Reuben turned 6 and Gabby turned 12…check out my balloon skillz (this was the week we moved everything into the kitchen).

38 weeks pregnant

And, Reuben broke his arm. I was 100% convinced, after 2 hours at the hospital with him virtually doing handstands on it, that nothing was wrong but there you go. It was broken. Kids’ bones are weird and it was healed within 3 weeks!!

38 weeks pregnant

Most recently (last week) we had a little break in a yurt. Bloody freezing and ‘wild’ doesn’t cover it, but it was absolutely gorgeous.

38 weeks pregnant - wild northumberland yurt

Here was our compost loo (a LOT nicer than a porter loo but not totally convenient in the middle of the night!).

38 weeks pregnant - wild northumberland yurt

So, that’s been the last few months in a nut shell.

It’s crazy to think how much our lives are going to change in the next few weeks. At 38 weeks pregnant, with every niggle and Braxton Hicks I’m very aware that it could be sooner rather than later. And, while things aren’t perfect at home, the show must go on and this baby will be loved regardless of the chaos around it!

38 weeks pregnant

Were you all sorted by 38 weeks pregnant?!

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31 Jul, 2012

With all the excitement of preparing for Parker Junior’s arrival poor Gabriella’s been a bit overlooked in these here Summer Holidays. How much fun can a kid have in a house that’s being renovated with a pregnant woman who’s about to pop any minute? I’ll tell you, not much. And, the idea of sorting out her toys so she could have a sale grew thin very quickly.

So that we don’t waste our last week or so (please not more!) of relative freedom before the bambino arrives, we’ve found a little competition that Gabby’s keen on entering where you can win a weekend away in a camper van (a ‘vancation’ if you will – see what they did there?!). Mike loves small enclosed spaces (he reckons we’re going on a barge holiday this year. He can think again.) so he’s dead keen too. We hired a camper van probably around this time last year when things were a bit simpler and it was lovely – although that’s Mike leaning into the van trying to put 3 little girls to sleep. Needless to say they took blinking ages to settle!

Anyhoo, the idea is that you film or photograph yourselves going about your biz over the holidays. If nothing else it’ll make you (aka me) get off your backsides and do some fun things, and it’s a nice little project for Gabby to get on with. Plus it’s a nice distraction from all the god forsaken house work that’s needed/waiting for labour to start! I think we’ll start with a little film of us all at the Olymics tomorrow (football at St James Stadium before you get too excited – I’m not looking forward to those teeny-tiny seats!). I may well upload the film as I know how much you all enjoy my legendary film making skills.

The competition is called Sky Summer Scoop and it’s by Sky Tyne and Wear – I’m assuming that anyone can enter although you may need to be willing to come up to the North East to get the van if you do win. Or you could donate the prize to me! Wish us luck!