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27 Jan, 2012

At approximately 11am yesterday (after the bra buying incident) I developed a headache. I had heard this was one of many pregnancy symptoms that could hit at any time but so far I’ve been pretty lucky. I think I’ve only had about 1 headache since the beginning of December!

I must praise this particular headache for its staying power. Once it arrived I had a sit down, a big drink of water. No budge. I had my lunch and yet more water. Still hanging in there. Then had a long meeting in a hot room so that certainly didn’t help. Following that I grabbed Mike and we went for a swim. By this time it had developed into head and neckache. As soon as I got back I took the last two paracetamols in the house, which did ease it but after a few hours it was back with avengance. So I tried milk and sleep but yet still it clung on. In the morning I tried more water and sex (it’s supposed to help! So no more “I’ve got a headache” excuses ladies!) but nothing was going to shift this bastard. So I went au natural and dug out my juice book…

For the people who really know me (there’s not many of them), they will know that I have virtually all the books (and an app) published by a chap called Jason Vale, who is…dun dun duuurrrr…the Juice Master. He’s my hero for all things health and weight-loss related, and famous in my circle of friends for being the guy who gets his photo taken laughing at a pineapple. When all else fails I know he will have an answer. If you’re spotty, he’s got a spot buster juice. If you’ve lost your mojo (Austin Power’s style), have some sexy juice. So in my hunt for headache cures I found the Migraine Miracle!

Juice 2 apples, 1 large handful spinach, 1 inch stem broccoli, 1inch slice cucumber, 1inch slice lemon and half inch of fresh ginger. Then pour it over ice. It was all things I had in the house and you know what? It got rid of my headache! I love you juice xx