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4 things to avoid eating when pregnant

16 Jan, 2012

This is the final part of my directory on what to love, hate and avoid during pregnancy…this last section is really up to you what you do with it and whether you chose to include in your pregnancy diet or not. At the risk of sounding patronising, I’ll repeat what I’ve already heard a lot since becoming pregnant: ‘listen to your body’. So this is a list of the things that are not strictly bad but not necessarily good either…


  1. Booze – this is a controversial one as there are 2 camps: the one that says it’s fine; and, the one that says there is scientific proof that it can seriously harm the development of your baby. I think that the odd glass of wine is OK but certainly do not get drunk is the word on the street. As with some of the hate stuff, I’ve gone from really liking a glass of wine to not particularly liking it at all and might have 1 small glass every couple of weeks or longer.
  2. Caffeine – I used to live on proper coffee, so I thought this was going to be impossible to give up but again I’ve gone off it a bit, which is good because I always thought caffeine wasn’t great for you. Apart from chocolate, of course.  NHS say it’s OK to have a certain amount every day (say 2 mugs of tea and a can of pop). But generally no one really knows the impact on your baby so I’m going with I’m not really sleeping as well as I used to so I’m avoiding it anyway.
  3. Sushi – I have just discovered that the home-made sushi I used to make could have poisoned me and/or given me worms. You can only have sushi if it is frozen first (for at least 24 hours to kill the worms), ah ha! So Yo! Sushi is still on the menu but don’t do what I used to do and just get it out of the supermarket packet and shove it on some rice.
  4. Eating for 2 – this is much harder than you think. I am hungry all the time at the moment, so this is where TUI eating and exercise really comes into play. Over the next week or so I’m going to be sharing some menus I’ve found, discuss how much weight is OK to put on, and share my exercise plan, that you can follow if you like (and your doctor says it’s OK).

The elephant in the room is smoking, but although I don’t smoke, I’m not going to lecture anyone about it. If you do want to understand the risks and/or give up, click here for advice.

I have collated this advice using the NHS website’s pregnancy care planner and pregnanthealth.com.