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10 Feb, 2012

Well, I am meant to be getting myself dolled up to go on a date with my husband right now. I was going to put my hair in rollers, make myself look nice. I was even going to shave my legs and finally do my toe nails! But no, Mike’s had a better offer to go out with people who can drink and I don’t fancy joining them 6 hours after they started drinking. I guess I don’t blame him, I’d rather go out with them than me too but I don’t have that luxury.

So instead, I’m sat here driving myself insane trying to set up an account on one of these hundreds of forums for ‘moms’ (does anyone know any good UK sites?) but it won’t let me update my picture from a man’s so I’m giving it up as a bad job to write a post that will hopefully fill us all with joy…any ideas?!

How about this? – some really cute baby clothes, to get us in the mood.

Boden – I could happily buy everything from this shop, I’m officially in love. This little chicken outfit makes me want to cry (and have a girl) but the turtle is so cute too (£22 each)!

These are in the sale and are lovely too…

3 Sprouts do a host of brilliant things and they have these lovely little storage caddies. Mine would probably end up full of crap that shouldn’t be in a baby’s room but nice all the same.

I like this mad scientist outfit from Hatley, although it’s $32 (plus shipping from US)…maybe in a sale.

And, finally, this owl hat looks to be the itchiest thing on earth but look at that baby in it *sign*.

See… all the bad moods and missing out on drinking will be worth it.

p.s. sorry for dobbing you in Mike but if I can’t do it here for some sympathy from my ‘sistas’, where I can I?