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25 Jun, 2012

I turned 33 weeks pregnant on Thursday and I’m feeling better than I have done at earlier points in my pregnancy. Despite this I didn’t get much chance to workout with various other things getting in the way. So on Saturday I was well up for a good gym session. Here’s what I did:

  • 20 mins on the bike (I did about 140 cals)
  • Resistance work – 3 sets:

> 10 x bicep curl (with 5kg weights)

> 10 x squat to shoulder press (with 5kg weights)

> 10 x tricep curls (with 1 5kg weight)

> 20 x slow sumo squats

  • 10 mins walking (about 40 cals)

In terms of weight gain, I’ve now gained about 24lbs, which is within the guided amount for this stage (despite the chinese, chocolate, crisp mishaps along the way) and leaves between 1 and 11lbs that I can gain (but would prefer not too!) for the next 7 weeks. In my hope of keeping the final weeks under control, and inspired by watching Jodie Marsh’s bodybuilding programme on Saturday night (you may think I’m crazy but I quite like how she looks – minus the bronzer), I’ve ended up looking to the hardcore pregnancy mums for inspiration/advice. I’ve found a particular post by Abigail Kluttz called Baby Bumps and Barbells, which has really useful advice about exercise and includes an eating and exercise plan. At this stage, diet is going to be the main thing that prevents too much weight gain, rather than exercise. So, hands off the pies!

Baby bean must also be feeling pretty good as it’s been kicking like crazy this week and I have finally caught some genuine footage of the little dude doing it’s thing along to 6 music:

The kicks have actually started to twinge or even hurt at times so things must be starting to get a tight in there! I’d been panicking for the last few weeks that junior wasn’t in the right position – i.e. head down. But after a visit to the midwife today, I’m very happy to say that baby is where s/he should be! All hail the space hopper that has become my best friend – here’s my new workstation at home!

26 Apr, 2012

Back in my heady days as a Civil Engineering student I was lucky enough to study in Singapore for a year. As a 21 year old, who thorough enjoyed the ‘Lady’s nights’ (free drinks for ‘ladies’ to entice the men into a bar), I wasn’t massively keen on the Asphalt and Tarmac module I had to take from 5-7pm on Friday nights. Seriously. Only in Singapore.

Having said that, I still remember quite a bit of what we were taught and what’s worse is I’ve been reliving it. The basic premise of part of the module was to study accidents that can occur due to excess water on the road and how you can prevent the accidents through the composition of the road surface. Last night driving back from dinner with Gabriella, it was chucking it down. Really chucking it down. And, I was seeing the accidents that could happen in graphic detail and papping myself every time I went through the slightest puddle.

You probably wouldn’t think it but studying Civil Engineering has only fuelled my vivid imagination for what kinds of accidents could happen (it didn’t stop at car accidents, I also had to learn about the threats from escalators, trains, tunnels, landslides, for god sake! Never mind building failures…The list goes on). Either to me or Mike and Gabby. And, as I get more pregnant, the visions get worse. Like living through one of those visions from Final Destination.

Paul McKenna would say to deal with it, don’t keep replaying the vision in your head. Make it a photo, then make it black and white, and then make it teeny tiny and think about something else. Ok, boss.

25 weeks pregnant

So, baby bean! With all the excitement of becoming a lard arse, I’d kind of forgotten about junior and I haven’t visited it’s little progress for a while. Well, I’m now 25 weeks pregnant (3 weeks left in trimester 2 – holy shit!!!!) and, according to whattoexpect.com, little dude is now 1.5 lbs. It’s lungs are developing nicely too and now that it’s nostrils are unplugged it’s practising breathing. Bless!

baby at 25 weeks pregnant

In terms of my bits and bobs – piles and symphysis pubis dysfunction (aka sore fanny/public area due to stretching ligaments) is what I’ve got to look forward to – BUT apparently these can be eased/prevented by doing my pelvic floor exercises. Something I’m accidentally neglecting… I sense a post coming on!

See, visions all forgotten.

30 Mar, 2012

Happy 21 weeks pregnant to me! And all those aches and pains people were talking about that I didn’t think would happen to me? They’ve started to happen.

I’ve noticed in the last week or so that I’m hurting a bit more. For example, whatever I do in gym hurts more the next day now (and I’ve been doing more or less the same thing throughout my pregnancy), and the other night, while watching telly, I could not get comfortable for the life of me – I tried lying on the floor, sitting up, lying on one side, then the other. Especially sitting up with my legs crossed, a firm favourite of mine, is no longer comfy. And, unless we get a bigger sofa, there is no more snuggling on the sofa with Mike to be had (so he’s commandeered the best watching telly spot for himself – Don’t worry, I’ll be pulling the pregnancy card when I really want the spot, not that that counts for much in this house!). I’ve also noticed that it’s taken a good couple of days for my tender area to recover post bikini wax…maybe I need more Vitamin K?

Vitamin K is used by the body to heal bits and pieces, and is particularly needed by pregnant women in the second half of their pregnancy and while breast feeding. This is because when baby bean comes out he needs pleanty of Vitamin K to help his blood clot. You can get Vitamin K from green leafy vegetables, cantaloupe melon, cauliflower, green beans, and wholemeal bread and pasta.

Cauliflower sandwich anyone?!

In other 21 weeks pregnant news, according to pregnancy connect we’re going to turn into raging nymphos – Horray! I hear your partner cry (mine just did)…here’s exactly what they say:

Did you know that your growing belly is directly proportional to your sex drive? In other words, the bigger you get, the bigger it gets. That’s a sweet way of saying that second trimester hormones can turn you into a total horn dog. (Finally a physical benefit your partner can actually appreciate.)

I’m yet to witness this as I feel more blob on legs than sex goddess…but the good news (depending on how you look at it) is that providing you’re having a healthy pregnancy, you can be bonking away all the way through to b’day. It may be time for that ‘practical sex positions’ blog I said I wouldn’t write!

Baby is now 11 ounces (that explains almost 1 of the 14 pounds I’ve put on – the rest are on my ludicrous boobs) and the size of a beer bottle. Mmm, beer.

11 Mar, 2012

I’ve been particularly lame this week! I have been researching different ideas for blogs during my lunch breaks but by the time I get home at night after work I can’t be arsed…terrible, but I guess I’m still trying to get my head around not being a lady of leisure! I’m not sure I like it but my new job is good.

The good news is that we’ve had a bit of time to ourselves this weekend. Today, I was the last one up at 7:30am (bearing in mind we also have a teenager in the house at the moment!), so it’s been very productive. By 10am Mike had finally finished off the painting in the bathroom (hooray for a complete bathroom, it’s only taken 8 months!), I’d hoovered our room and the dreaded stairs, Gabby and Ashleigh had tidied and hoovered their rooms, I’d put a huge wash on and we were eating our second breakfast. We had time to enjoy the sunshine with a long walk on the beach (followed by a ‘snack’, which turned out to be a HUGE chip butty – for the baby!), hoover the rest of the house, do loads more washing, change our bedding (which is the worst job, worse than the stairs) AND have a nap in the new sheets. I even made a chicken dinner and a lasagne for tomorrow.

Show off.

But seriously, before I got pregnant it would have taken me a week to do this amount of stuff. Now I know what people who don’t drink like someone from Geordie Shore manage to do with their weekends, it’s a revelation!

In other pregnancy week by week news, I’m 18 weeks pregnant and the sites are talking about the dreaded weight gain. Dun dun derrrr! askamum.co.uk say by now you should have put on between 5 and 13lbs, it then goes on to scare the shit out of you by saying…

The average total weight gain during pregnancy is around 13kg (29lb). If you put on too much weight now, you may gain much more than this, which can make the remainder of your pregnancy and delivery more difficult. It will also make those extra pounds harder to shift afterwards.

Terrifying. This weight gain lark is a total mine field. You must put on weight! …But not too much (for example, you can have an extra slice of cheese on toast a day…no need for me with my chip butty lovin’). And to add insult to injury my body is seriously trying to sabotage any attempts I have to eat healthily. Well, I am eating healthily but I’m hungry so I’m also eating all the naughty things we have around the house too.

The other thing to start looking forward to from now on is…varicose veins. Askamum’s advice…

 lie with your bum up against the wall and your legs stretched upward at right angles, for 20 minutes or so, once a day.

Holy cow, I’m never going to have time to write a blog!

Remember, it’s all worth it…! Here’s baby, courtesy of i-am-pregnant.com, at 18 weeks sucking it’s thumb (if this baby’s anything like me, it’ll be sucking its thumb till it’s 21):