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26 Mar, 2012

I’ve been on a skivathon! It wasn’t intentional, I’ve got loads I want to write about (I haven’t even dobbed Mike in for coming in at 4:30 on Thursday morning yet!) but it’s just been a bit manic and then when I do sit down, I’m shattered.

Anyway, despite all the other things I had planned to write about (e.g. I think I might have started to develop carpal tunnel, the generic aches and pains have started, getting ready for my holiday – inc nice clothes, my thoughts on the swim wear I’ve got – cute DIY baby things I’ve found, etc.), I’ve decided to scrap it all because I’ve been thinking about babies with the arrival of my cousin’s (who’s like my sister) baby yesterday morning.

On Saturday afternoon I got the call to come and get Jo’s little boy, Dylan, who’s 4. He came for a ‘sleep over’ and played nicely with Gabby, went to bed in about 3 seconds flat and woke up at 5:30! I’d forgotten that the clocks had gone forward so I plonked him in bed with us and we all slept for about another hour until Gabriella came to get us. During that time I got the text from Simon saying that Jo had had a little boy, Harry Anthony!

Well, that got my brain into overdrive thinking about probability and creating my own gender predictor to try and work out what I’d be having! I think I’m having a boy and I was convinced that JoAnne was have a girl. But with Harry that means the last 3 babies born in our family in the last month have all been boys. Plus, my friend who’s having a baby in May is also having boy. The law of averages within my friendship group would surely suggest, therefore, that I’m having a girl!

However, if you cut it up a different way, on Mike’s side of the family they are all girls, so therefore, this should be a boy…

As you can seeI’m getting my knickers in a twist and all for nothing because in the end, it’s a 50:50 chance regardless of what’s going on around me, so who the hell knows?! I’m pretty sure that the boy sperm and the girl sperm weren’t sat there arguing the toss over who it should be. It’s all survival of the fittest!

We should have just found out at the 20 weeks scan!

Once I’d given up on that ridiculous mind process I gathered the kids up to go down to the beach. The sun was out, and despite the slight chill in the air the kids striped off to their smalls and got in the North Sea while I contemplated life and little Harry, and what had sounded like a tough birth for poor JoAnne. (It’s certainly inspired me to get the hypnobirthing book Ania recommended – Hypnobirthing: The Breakthrough to Safer, Easier, More Comfortable Childbirth)

Even this little pool of water was blinking freezing. These kids are hardcore!