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17 Jan, 2012

It’s official, I am the frump of Frump Town. So time to revisit my mission, and as a reminder my top priority was to be happy and healthy, and to do this I am meant to do something I like every day – this includes (bare with me, I’m getting there) doing pampering things that make me feel good. But, now it has become an emergency! Thankfully I have finally bought myself a razor after leaving mine at my parents’ cottage at NY, but to get me out of this frumpdom I need to do my nails, eyebrows, bikini, etc. etc. Too late to book anything now, so that’s a job for tomorrow.

In the meantime, after sorting through my underwear and packing most of it away for the foreseeable future due to my ever expanding boobs, I am also feeling exceedingly unsexy. I don’t need maternity clothes yet, so I’ve been on the hunt for sexy nighties that despite my expanding waistline I’ll still feel attractive in…at first I thought I may as well get maternity stuff but Mike pointed out that I have at least a month or 2 before I’ll need that so I should make the most of ‘normal’ clothes.

From Cloud 9:

1. Beauty Night: Honeymoon Red – £24.99

2.Rene Rofe: Ruffle mesh Chemise – £28.99

3. Shirley of Hollywood: Satin and Mesh Ribbon Babydoll – £34.99

Ever So Sexy: White Classic Babydoll – £32.95

Bedtime Flirt: Halter Chiffon Babydoll – £32.95

HotMILK also do some really lovely babydolls with sexy mama in mind. Hooray, from the frumpable to humpable!

The other issue is new bras – I’ve been searching for a nice wireless bra for bed (note not during the day, these bras make my boobs look all kinds of wrong – I can’t handle the low or in my armpits look). I bought an alright one from M&S a wee while ago and when I put it on with my matching white briefs (pack of 5 from Marks, I am officially my Grandma), I nearly cried. Remarkable, my husband was hot for me in them (probably due to the overall lack of sex he’s been suffering), but seriously where are the decent wireless bras at? They are either nursing (I am seriously NOT ready for that. Also, what if you don’t want to breastfeed are you doomed to have the huge and the hideous collection of non-nursing bras until after the baby weight miraculously vanishes from your boobs??) or cover more boob than I ever thought was humanly possible – surely it’s just an ugly croptop? I’ve found a couple at Babes with Babies (not especially keen on the name but the clothes look lovely: comfy and simple).

1. Organic Cotton Sleep Bra – £29.95 (in the sale) it does double up as a nursing bra but I can handle this one as it doesn’t have the clips.

2. Supersoft Sleep Bra – £35.00

So, the hunt goes on – any suggestions would be extremely useful!! As for everyday bras with cute matching pants? It’ll be a trip to get myself measured as soon as possible, probably when I get my bikini and eyebrows done!