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Nursery Ideas


07 Mar, 2012

Following on from my post on Monday (17 weeks pregnant), when it was pointed out that now’s the time to start thinking about a nursery, I thought I’d have a little look around at ideas.

It is, of course, entirely pointless as we are not going to decorate a nursery before the baby arrives because we don’t live in the house that we’d like to. However, with quite a few things up in the air and out of my control at the moment, it seems a shame not to indulge a little in this lovely little nesting ritual. Perhaps if I visualise what I want the nursery to be like, in the house I’d like, the whole thing might just materialise!

Here are some nursery ideas that are either fun, pretty or just plain ridiculous…I’m thinking design over function at this stage! Also, the ideas are neutral since we won’t be finding out the sex of baby bean.

I really like this design by Houzz.com of grey mixed with injections of brighter colours. Plus, because the room has sloped walls, they’ve use a mural with fabric leaves instead of hanging wall art, which is a nice idea for our room (as it’s in the attic and is where the baby will be staying). I also really like the white and brown wood chest of drawers.

This chabby chic design is also by houzz.com and very different from the first but I really like it too!

This dark, minimal room from babyfurnitureideas.blogspot.com is brighten up with clean white floors and furniture (which I love) and red accessories. Cute!

After spending sometime with little Rowan a few weeks ago, I discovered that babies like bold block colours so I quite like the idea of the stripes on the ceiling in this room from houseandhome.com. Plus look at all those lovely books!

Last but not least, ontobaby.com has some wonderful ideas for all sorts of things including nursery ideas and this circus themed room, is a bit scary but very cool…

And, finally, in terms of the practical, rather than being tempted to get everything, this is a great list of 10 things you actually do need by Houzz.com!