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Baby Eczema


by Mum's Days reader, Emma

13 Sep, 2013

It is common for babies to get eczema and dry skin (1 in 8 children according to the NHS). Reuben probably started to develop baby eczema or at least dry skin from a few weeks old. I did what all the midwives were telling me when he first popped out and applied lots of olive oil. That seemed to do nothing for the dry skin and just caused an outbreak a kin to a teenager! It made me sad. I wanted to show off my baby but by 6 weeks he was looking a bit of a sight! All his hair had rubbed off apart from his baby mullet and he was looking all scabby and spotty from his baby eczema.


Reuben at 5 weeks old – well spotty! But still cute to me and starting to smile… (more…)