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April Showers


24 Apr, 2014

We’re coming towards the end of April but I really wanted to do a post about April and April showers. Rain, itself, sucks. I just don’t like it. I don’t know how to dress for it and I try to avoid going out in it. But I just LOVE rain and clouds as a decoration or theme for crafting. Is that so very British? To love the thing that is weather related and that I don’t like?!

Anyway, I’ve pulled together a round up of some of my favourite ways of incorporating april showers into your life!*

April showers - 5 ways to bring some lovely showers into your life!

1. Nursery April Showers

I’ve been lusting after a rain cloud mobile by The Butterfly Flying since before Reuben was born…definitely for the next one!

2. April Showers for toddlers

How about this for some wall art? OK so the whole mini-metropolis set will burn a hole in your pocket to the tune of £185 BUT isn’t it amazing? (For £20 though you can buy a single set with aeroplanes and rain clouds, which is equally lovely!)

3. April showers for me

I just love this print by Dig the Earth, who could ever feel glum about the rain with a red umbrella while singing Eurythmics? (Probably the person who can walk and sing without having to fight with a toddler and getting drenched?)

4. Share the showers

This gorgeous card from Delilah Devine isn’t available anymore but there are some other lovely things to buy there! (shhhh… but I think this would be a lovely crafting idea to do at home)

5. Edible April Showers

This is what I was going for but this comes from a German site and the cutters don’t seem to be available anymore (my German is limited to “I’m going to the disco” so it didn’t help). However, there are a selection of lovely ones that you buy on Etsy in particular I like this one. Thunder anyone?!

How would you introduce some little April Showers into your life?

* My parents might not thank me as April showers last year led to May floods…they’ve only JUST got back into their home after almost a year of the insurance company making their lives a misery and then finally renovations – so no May floods this year please, just flowers!

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